Already Freakin’ Out About Tomorrow ~ Week 11 ~ Browns @ Cowboys

I really don’t care if we win or lose tomorrow. I mean, of course I want to win, but why get all excited at the possibility? I’m most excited that we’re playing in Dallas, at this joint:

… where they have these:

Dallas has the 12th ranked offense and 7th ranked defense. We have the 29th ranked offense and 22nd ranked defense. On paper, the Cowboys should have their way with us…. on both sides of the ball. But that’s on paper!

The game still has to be played, though… and anything can happen!

My biggest concern: That jackass head coach Pat Shurmer wasn’t shit canned after our week nine loss to the Ravens before our bye week. The fact that he’s had two weeks to plan for the Cowboys does not make me feel better. He can’t game plan given a week between games. I fear that with two weeks to plan he’s gonna screw it up twice as much!

After the Ravens loss he said he was gonna simplify things on offense… but for who? The players? The players can execute plays with an average degree of success. Simplifying the offense for the players is asinine. It takes away potential shots at the opposing defense.

Simplify how the plays are called coach! I heard that offensive coordinator Brad Childress calls the play down to you, then you approve it and call it in to Weeden. No wonder stuff’s screwed up… y’all are wasting time on the sidelines!

Tony Romo really doesn’t scare me. He’s like the douchiest QB in the league…

… but he’s got weapons to throw to in Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant.

All I can ask for is that we don’t get embarrassed!


Hug your children and love them every day

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