Brad Keselowski Needs to Win the NASCAR Championship Today!

In a few minutes, the green flag will fly over the final race of the NASCAR season. I know, I gave up on watching full NASCAR races a month ago, but I have to check in on this one.

Even though there will be 43 cars on the track, this race is only important to two of ’em; Brad Keselowski, the points leader by 20 over Jimmie Jackass Johnson.

Brad needs to finish in 15th position or better, regardless of where Jimmie finishes, to win the Sprint Cup Championship. Sounds easy, right?

Oh but it’s anything but easy, as illustrated by that little bitch Jeff Gordon last week when he wrecked Clint Bowyer and knocked him out of championship contention.

I’m secretly hoping that Clint, or one of his teammates, wrecks Johnson (who is Gordon’s teammate) early in the race to take him out of championship contention today. I know, that’s mean… I don’t care. I don’t like Jimmie Johnson!

All Keselowski needs to do is race the track, stay out of trouble and hope his team is perfect in the pits! That is a lot to strive for!

And the bigger picture is Penske Racing. Brad’s car owner, Roger Penske, has never won a championship in NASCAR. This is his shot. See, I was all in with Penske Racing until he switched from Ford to Dodge in 2001. I’m a Ford guy first, so when choosing a driver to get behind, it’s gotta be a Ford team.

I switched to Roush/Fenway Racing back in ’01 and became a Carl Edwards fan.

Well get this… today is the last race for Penske Dodges, as they are switching back to Ford next season. I may be switching back to Penske… Why?

When I first got into NASCAR I chose to be a Penske Ford fan. I’m not entirely happy for Roush letting Matt Kenseth leave town for Toyota.

Also… I’ve been a closet Brad Keselowski fan for a couple years. He’s a great driver. He’s aggressive and doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit! But I couldn’t switch my allegiance from Ford to Dodge.

To me, Brad’s been like that hot girl I’ve had my eye on for a while. She’s great… but she’s been dating some douchebag so I had to admire from afar. Well, the douchebag (Dodge) will be gone today. So I may just hook up with Team Penske, and Brad Keselowski, next year!

Let’s just hope to see this tonight:

Hug your children and love them every day

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