Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Eleven ~ Browns 20 @ Cowboys 23 ~ Lots of Math if You Like Math!

Dammit. Dammit. Shit. We coulda won that game! The Browns forced Dallas to punt on all five of their possessions in the first half. Cleveland scored on three of their five first half possessions to put ’em up 13-0 at the end of the first half. I still wasn’t comfortable with that lead.

Then it went like this in the second half:

Browns: Punt.

Cowboys: Field goal. Now it’s 13-3

Browns: Punt.

Cowboys: Touchdown! 13-10 Cleveland.

Browns: Punt.

Cowboys: Touchdown! 17-13 Cowboys.

Browns: Turnover.

Cowboys: Turnover.

Browns: Turnover on downs. Really? Expect T-Rich to leap into the endzone on 3rd and 1? Then throw a fade route, which is never called.. This is on you Coach Shurmer…

Cowboys: Punt.

Browns: TOUCHDOWN! We’re up 20-17 now! Am I comfortable with that? Hell no!

Cowboys: Field goal! 20-20 now and goin’ to overtime!


Cowboys: Punt.

Browns: Punt.

Cowboys: Field goal! 23-20. Game over.

There’s a quick drive-by-drive breakdown of how we lose. But we have serious fundamental issues, and it’s not as much play execution as it is play calling. Check this out.

Brandon Weeden was mostly a shotgun QB when he played at Oklahoma State. It’s what he knows. He’s a rookie. A smart coach will play to his strengths. But Coach Shurmer won’t. I think I bitch about this every week, but Shurmer doesn’t use the shotgun nearly enough.

Tonight I crunched a lot of numbers, something a good NFL coach should do… But Shurmer doesn’t. Out of 70 plays, only 14 were out of the shotgun. That’s 20%. That’s backwards, especially for a QB like Weeden that is comfortable in the shotgun. Dallas knows what they’re doing… 62 of their 78 plays were from shotgun. That’s just about 80%.

Out of the 14 plays from shotgun formation, Weeden handed it off once and threw the ball 13 times. He completed 8 of those 13 passes. That’s a 62% completion rate. not bad at all!

Cleveland’s other 56 plays were from under center. 21 of those plays were passing plays and 12 of them ended in completions. That’s still not bad as it’s a 57% completion rate.

Shit… I just figured it out!

We don’t have an issue at QB at all! When we show pass (shotgun) and throw, we’re effective. When we show run (under center) and throw, we’re still effective. When we show run and end up running, however, is when we get shut down.

Why don’t we ever show pass… and then run the ball?

Trent Richardson and Montario Hardesty aren’t being properly utilized by the coaching staff. By spreading out the offense by using shotgun formation, the defense gets spread out also. Toss it to these RBs out of the shotgun. Run sweeps. Get Hardesty and Richardson in space and nothing but good will happen.

Yesterday, Hardesty wasn’t given the ball in space; just up the middle and off right guard… but for 5.75 yards every time he touched the ball. Use this kid more coach!

For all of Richardson’s carries, and I counted 27, all of which were from under center (showing run), from end to end he averaged 3.3 yards a carry. When he got the ball in space, he averaged 8.2 yards a touch!

This isn’t rocket science Shurmer, this is just a game. Play with the strengths you have. I understand you’re a lame duck coach and will be fired after this season, but at least pretend to rehearse for your next job.

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