A Tragic Day for the NFL, but the Beat Goes On ~ Week 13 ~ Browns @ Raiders

Jovan Belcher

NFL football became a lot less significant yesterday…

On any given Sunday, 1,696 NFL players suit up to play football. These men are the elite; the best at what they do. They are every young boys dream. They are larger than life. A lot of them get paid pretty well. They play a game that, to most of us, is an escape from our every day lives.

They are fantasy football stats. They are numbers to a lot of us.

But they sacrifice their bodies. They sacrifice a normal family life. Some players and their teams succeed. Others? They live an every day hell on a huge stage that none of us can understand. Some of them snap…

Yesterday morning, 25 year old Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher snapped. He shot and killed his 22 year old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, orphaning his 3 month old daughter Zoe.

Kasandra & Zoey

Then he drove over to the Chiefs practice facilities, thanked his coach (Romeo Crennel) and GM (Scott Pioli) for everything they’ve done for him, and took his own life with a bullet to the head…

I just don’t get it….

Yes, this life is cruel. It beats the crap out of all of us on a daily basis, regardless of position or pay scale. To quote Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, “We all fall down…” Ya just gotta get the fuck back up! Nothing is THAT bad, as bad as it may seem at the time…

But to take your own life…. and take others with you? That’s just asinine and weak…

I just don’t get it….

Today, the Browns are playing the Raiders in Oakland. I really don’t feel like looking up stats and such to predict anything. I hope we can pull off another win, I really do!

Right now, though, my heart goes out to Kasandra… and to Zoe & the rest of their family. And to all the players and friends that were affected… And to Romeo Crennel & Scott Pioli for having to live through watching one of their players end their life.

And to Jovan Belcher…. It couldn’t have been that bad, man…

With a heavy heart I say…. GO BROWNS!

Hug your children and love them every day

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