Hi-fi Friday! Van Halen and Van Hagar… but not Van Cherone.

I always list Van Halen as one of my top three favorite bands of all time; with KISS and Aerosmith…

That remains true today, though I’m still sort of pissed at them. I actually declared them dead to me several months ago. I’ll get to that a bit later.

As most of you probably know, there were three “versions” of Van Halen.

The original lineup consisted of Alex (drums) & Eddie (best guitarist ever) Van Halen, Michael Anthony (bass) and David Lee Roth (Vocals). This quartet existed from 1974 through 1984. My first memory of Van Halen was the video for “Hot For Teacher” which received extensive airplay on MTV when I was eleven years old…

~ Hot For Teacher ~

Hoo boy did I go through a lot of lotion and tissues like that video back then! I listened to all of their other stuff, dating back to their first album, and loved it all! I actually re-created their logo on my old TRS-80 computer and printed it out on our dot matrix printer…

Van Halen Logo

Pretty cool for an eleven year old, eh?

Here’s an Eddie Van Halen (best guitarist ever) fact: There was this artist who released an album back in 1982 titled Thriller. One of the singles, titled “Beat It” did pretty well. If you check out that song, there’s an awesome guitar solo about 2/3rds of the way through the song…. That was Eddie Van Halen (best guitarist ever)!

Unfortunately, shortly after I discovered Van Halen they got rid of David Lee Roth on vocals. I had a short attention span back then so figured Van Halen was just gone….

Oh! But in 1986 Van Halen returned with a new lead singer… Sammy Hagar… The “I Can’t Drive 55” guy! I was so fired up because I loved the video for “55” since it had a Ferrari in it!

That first Van Hagar album, 5150,  was freakin’ awesome! See, even when I was 13 I was quite the romantic so I liked the ballads and love songs that this “new” Van Halen had to offer! The previous Van Halen had no love songs!

A couple years later they released OU812, which was also quite awesome… More love songs and more good, clean rock! And they had an awesome video for their single, Finish What Ya Started, featuring some nice, shakin’ ass at the beginning!

I was becoming hooked on this band..

1991’s release, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, had even more great tunes! One featured Eddie Van Halen (best guitarist ever) playing guitar with a drill (Poundcake)! There were also some big tunes like “Right Now” and “Top of the World” that totally kicked ass!

In 1995, Van Hagar released the tenth Van Halen studio album, Balance. I went to this show! It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever experienced, though Eddie Van Halen (best guitarist ever) had short hair and it was spiked!

One of the songs from Balance, “Not Enough has only become relevant to me over the last 2 1/2 years and Sammy explains it just right… check it out… lyrics to follow…

To love somebody naturally
To love somebody faithfully
To love somebody equally
Is not enough
Is not enough
It’s not enough
To love somebody secretly
And never touch
To love somebody honestly
And always trust
To love somebody tenderly
The tender touch
It’s not enough
It’s not enough
Love hurts you sometimes
It’s not so easy to find, no
Searchin’ everywhere
You turn and swear
It’s always been there
To love somebody foolishly
Can happen once
To love somebody hopelessly
It hurts so much
To love somebody equally
Is not enough
Is not enough
It’s not enough
Love takes a little time
It’s not so easy to find, no
Searchin’ everywhere
You turn and swear
She’s always been there
Standin’ there… oh
And if it don’t come easily
One thing you must believe
You can always have trust in me
Because my heart will always be
Yours honestly
Yeah, love hurts you sometimes
Not so easy to find, no
Searchin’ everywhere
Then turn and swear
It’s always been there
Standing there
Love hurts you sometimes
Not yours, it’s not mine, no
Love’s only to share
Turn and swear
It’s everywhere
Standing there
‘Cause it’s always been there

After Balance, the Van Halen brothers got rid of Sammy Hagar. I was absolutely crushed!

But then they came back in 1998 with a new lead singer and a new studio album. The new lead singer was Gary Cherone, formerly of a one hit wonder band called Extreme (“There’s a hole in my heart that can only be filled by yoooooo”)! Ugh… Van Hagar became Extreme with a bunch of Eddie Van Halen (best guitarist ever) solos… It was terrible…

Cherone was gone rather quickly because, well, he damn near destroyed Van Halen with his boy band type vocals.

If Van Halen’s gonna implode or explode, let ’em do it themselves! Because that’s what they do!

Go ahead and check ’em out on Wikipedia… I’m not gonna get into all their cat fights here but, man, they do virtually everything to try to screw things up!

ANYWAY… They recently reunited with original vocalist, David Lee Roth, and came out with their first studio album in ages, A Different Kind of Truth. I thought it was a fantastic album!

They planned a tour to coincide with the new album, but ended up cutting the tour short because they don’t know how to get along! I saw it coming, which is why I never bought tickets for that tour.

It pisses me off, because I really wanted to see the “original” Van Halen. I don’t see that ever happening now, which is why I said they were dead to me..

But they’re not… I like so much of their stuff there’s no way I couldn’t listen to Van Halen any more.

Whenever I need a pick me up I always go to this Eddie Van Halen (best guitarist ever) solo. It’s called Eruption.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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