Sexy Saturday ~ Red Dawn 2012 to Friday Night Lights!

One of my favorite movies ever is the 1984 film, “Red Dawn.” If you haven’t seen it, look it up…. Awesome!

Well, the 2012 reboot of “Red Dawn” premiered a couple weeks ago. Hopefully I’ll get to see it soon, because the trailers look freakin’ awesome and appear to stick to the original script. I did not know, however, that the lovely Adrianne Palicki was in the remake…

This young lady:

Ass! Or…

Okay… She’s smokin’ hot! The only other show I knew her from was the TV series version of “Friday Night Lights” as Tyra Collette.

I first started watching FNL because it was a football show. Well, turns out it was a football drama, featuring very little actual football.

However, the drama, and the women, sucked me into the show. Here are some others from FNL…

Minka Kelly, played the lovely Lyla Garrity:

… and here are Minka Kelly’s abs:

Minka Kelly fun facts: Her dad is Rick Dufay, the guitarist for Aerosmith from 1980-’84. She also banged Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter…

NY Yankees star Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly enjoying each other's company at the US Open in New York

And then there was Julie Taylor played by Aimee Teegarden…

Aimee Teegarden Boobs

To me, she was merely cute on FNL; I never thought of her as sexy, but I do now! Loogit:

Aimee Teegarden Sexy

Hoo boy! And….

Aimee Teegarden Bikini


Julie’s MILF mom on the show was Tami Taylor, played by Connie Britton…

Connie Britton

… who also likes to bust out the bikini…

Connie Britton Bikini

Connie’s 45 years old… and can put most women half her age to shame!

Do y’all understand why I liked FNL now?

Shoot, now I’m gonna get off track, because that’s what my brain does. As I mention Connie Britton I recall the drama she’s starring in, Nashville, which was the foundation of my Country Singers Edition of Sexy Saturday. I did not know that some of the songs were actually performed by the actresses… The guys at work pointed that out to me. Here’s one of ’em, by Hayden Panettiere.

~ Telescope ~

WOW! Actress turned singer outdoes that dude, Taylor Swift! That was for you, Brent, by the way!

Alright, back to FNL! Here are a few for the ladies and men who like men…

Tim Riggins, played by Taylor Kitsch.

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch Beach

Going back to Red Dawn 2012, here is Chris Hemsworth as Jed Eckert…

Chris Hemsworth Red Dawn

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks. GO BROWNS!

Hug your children and love them every day

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