Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Fourteen ~ Browns WIN! 30 ~ 7 Over Kansas City!!!

Three in a row! THREE WINS IN A ROW! Cleveland hasn’t done that since 2009 under the tutelage of Coach Mangini!

And ya know what? We still haven’t been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs! Only three weeks to go to find out what happens…

Will we get in? OH HELL NO! But I like math and it’s fun to see that we’re still in it!

Yesterday’s game started off pretty shitty with that Jamaal Charles 80 yard TD on the first play from scrimmage… then our first possession started with a Weeden scramble for a first down and continued with a short T-Rich run, a sack on Weeden, a false start penalty on Alex Mack and a 6 yard pass to Josh Gordon when we needed 16 for a first down. PUNT!

I was already nauseous…and expected a very long game…

But things ended up turning out pretty nice! Phil Dawson kicked field goals number 300, 301 & 302! Travis Benjamin had a 93 yard punt return for a TD (longest in Browns history)!

Travis Benjamin Punt TD

Holy shit! Trust me… I wasn’t looking for it, but do you see Travis’ dick? Loogit that picture again! That’s his dick! I thought they wore cups! He ran 93 yards with his dick flopping around in his pants! Dude… get a cup!

Anyway… All is good, for now, and we’ve won three in a row… So what can I expect to hear from the local, and some national, media? They certainly won’t be happy that we had a good game… Here are the headlines I expect and my preemptive remarks…

~ Trent Richardson Not Worth Being the Third Overall Pick ~

I’ve been hearing this all season to various degrees. It seemed somewhat prevalent last week and after Trent’s numbers yesterday, I figure that theme will continue. If ya look at those numbers without any real research, you might agree with that headline. Trent carried the ball 18 times for only 42 yards. That’s only 2.3 yards a carry. That’s shit…

Expect to hear some of that on talk radio today. What’s my take?

I’ve been saying this for weeks. Richardson is poorly utilized by the coaching staff. That’s you Shurmer, you idiot! Of the 18 carries that T-Rich had, only two of ’em were from the shotgun. The other 16 carries were with Weeden under center, essentially showing a run play. Eleven of those plays were runs inside the tackles. That’s just shitty play calling… Any defense will spot this and shut down the run…

And the argument that RB Montario Hardesty looks better than Richardson? I’ll admit that he looks pretty good. I don’t think he’s better; he’s certainly not more durable. If I were the coach, I’d mix him in a bit more, though. More runs for Hardesty and more sweeps and short passes to Richardson. You’ve got two pretty good running backs, coach, play to their strengths!

Trent Richardson Chiefs Touchdown

Also, Richardson scored two TDs yesterday, bumping up his total to 9. He’s up there with some of the elite NFL RBs! The other headline?

~ Brandon Weeden With Yet Another Weak Performance ~

Fuck that! Weeden is a good QB; much better than most of the Browns QBs since 1999. He’s a good pocket passer, much unlike that little dude that Cleveland had at QB before. When he does scramble, he makes plays. He didn’t have stellar numbers yesterday, but didn’t turn the ball over yesterday and managed the game pretty well. He still makes mistakes and might just hold onto the ball a bit too long at times, but learns and corrects as he moves on. REMEMBER: He’s still a rookie, people, with a shitty coaching staff. One headline I prolly won’t see?

~ Browns Defense Tough Yet Again ~

Aside from that first play, the defense did a good job of controlling the game. They sacked Brady Quinn 5 times…

Brady Quinn Sacked

….picked him off once and shut down that little bitch, Peyton Hillis!

Hillis Stuffed

A big difference in our performance lately has been the production of our wide receivers. Even Greg Fucking Little is playing well! But Josh Gordon, every week, is becoming more and more of an elite NFL WR.

The most exciting part of it all…? This team, and I think they’re like the youngest in the league, is winning games now despite their youth. Wait’ll they all start to gel and draft picks just enhance the quality of the team!

Things are startin’ to look up Browns fans! Keep the faith!

Next week is our final home game, when the Redskins come to town… Whether or not RGIII plays after tweaking his knee yesterday, it’s gonna be a challenge; but one I think we can overcome.


Previous weeks:

Week 13: Browns 20 ~ Oakland 17 – TWO WINS IN A ROW!
Week 12: Browns 20 ~ Steelers 14 – Woo hoo! Puck Fittsburgh!
Week 11: Browns 20 @ Cowboys 23 – Pat Shurmer is Terrible.
Week 10: Bye
Week 9: Ravens 25 ~ Browns 15 – Pat Shurmer is terrible.
Week 8: Browns 7 ~ Chargers 6 – Defense prevails!!!
Week 7: Colts 17 ~ Browns 13 – Painful loss…
Week 6: Browns 34 ~ Bengals 24 – Woo hoo! Nice Win!
Week 5: Browns 27 ~ Giants 41 – PLAY THE ENTIRE GAME FELLAS!
Week 4: Ravens 23 ~ Browns 16 – Good game but same ole results.
Week 3: Bills 24 ~ Browns 14 – All around problems.
Week 2: Bengals 34 ~ Browns 27 – Our Special teams are dawgshit.
Week 1: Eagles 17 ~ Browns 16 – The sickly debut of Brandon Weeden.

Hug your children and love them every day

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