The New Skylar Grey Video is Out! Eminem is Corrupting Her!

A couple weeks ago I did a feature on the talented and lovely Skylar Grey. In that piece I included the official “lyric video” for her new song, “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem…

Well, today she released the real video for the song and Eminem’s influence is clear! It’s a catchy tune with, uhmm, interesting lyrics and a humorous video!

Oh yeah… did I mention that Skylar’s a hottie?



You may have seen glimpses of her tattoos here and in the video and were curious about them… I know I was. So I did the research for all of us…

Here’s her back:

Skylar Grey Back Tatoo

… and her side:

Skylar Grey Owl Tattoo

Nice side boob!!!

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