Already Freaking out about Tomorrow ~ Redskins @ Browns!


Please bear with me if this post appears weird… I’m writing it on my phone. I’ve never written a post on the ole Droid, so I’ve no clue how it’s gonna turn out!

The girlies and I are at Great Wolf Lodge here in tropical Sandusky, Ohio. We’ve never done one of these indoor water parks before; must say it’s pretty cool! We’re having a lot of fun, though we can’t talk Delana into going onto any of the “real” water slides.

The trip here this weekend wasn’t our original plan, however. Unfortunately, our original plans fell through and instead of cancelling with the kennel for Bernie, cancelling with Enterprise (got a cool VW Passat) and squishing my little girls’ hearts, I put this trip together at the last minute. I think it has made up for the plans I had to cancel, for the girls at least. My heart remains squished, but it’s not like it’s the first time… and I’m a big boy so I’ll just deal with it…

As for tomorrow’s game? I truly believe we have a chance!

Washington is coming here, so we have that advantage. Our defense has been pretty stout lately. Weeden has been managing the game alright and our receivers seem to be figuring things out.

The running game needs to be tweaked, in my “expert” opinion! I wanna see Trent Richardson run around the edges more and catch more passes. I also wanna see a bit more Montario Hardesty. Montario seems to provide some spark to the offense at times. I’d like to see him in the mix a bit more; not just 3 plays a game.

The big factor tomorrow will be whether or not Washington’s future Hall of Fame QB, Robert Griffin III, will play. He sprained a ligament last Sunday and has been taking it easy.  Here’s how the Browns are screwed tomorrow:

1.) RGIII plays gimpy, beats us and we’ll be a shitty team for that.
2.) RGIII plays gimpy, loses to us and we’re not a good team for that!

The rest of the Redskins team really doesn’t bother me. Maybe Pierre Garcon could be a threat, but I feel shutdown corner Joe Haden will own his ass.

I would love it if the Browns could pull one off and string together 4 in a row!

My thumbs are beginning  to cramp up and we’re heading back down to the water park in a few, so I best be going!


And after the horrific events in Connecticut yesterday, now more than ever, hug your children and love them every day…

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