Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Fifteen ~ Redskins 38 @ Browns 21… Browns Fans are Dumb!

Well THAT was a total disaster! No playoffs THIS year! Seriously, I didn’t expect us to get into the playoffs but it’s nice to know, going into week 15, that we weren’t yet mathematically eliminated. Now we are. And you know why?


Weeden Sacked Redskins

If you talk to 97% of Browns fans, that’s what they’ll tell you… because they’re dumb. Okay.. maybe that’s a little harsh. I know a lot of smart people who don’t understand the game of football in it’s entirety. Maybe naive is a better word for these people?

I’m not gonna deny that Weeden had a shitty game yesterday. So did future Hall of Fame running back Trent Richardson. I’ll address Trent in a bit, but first, Mr. Weeden is in the spotlight.

Check out this highlight reel of Weeden at Oklahoma State:

Do you see what I see? Shotgun. On nearly every play. Do the Browns do that, and play to Weeden’s strengths? Absolutely not! Seven step drops from under center are more common on passing downs. If an NFL team wants to start a rookie QB from day 1, they have to make that QB comfortable and tailor the offense to them. Install the other shit later as confidence and experience builds!

How are other teams doing with their rookie QBs?

The Colts tweaked their offense for Andrew Luck (1st overall pick in the draft) and they’re the 5th seed in the AFC playoffs right now.

The Redskins installed a bunch of Baylor offense to make RGIII (2nd overall pick in the draft) comfortable and it shows! Dude’s a stud QB! They’re the 4th seed in the NFC playoffs.

The Dolphins are finally playing to Ryan Tannehill’s (8th overall pick in the draft) athleticism and they’re a longshot to get into the playoffs.

Since I’m going in order of draft pick here… The Browns selected Brandon Weeden 22nd overall in this years’ draft. They (the stupid coaching staff) forced him into a West Coast Offense that he’s unfamiliar with and he’s struggled at times. Like I said before, Cleveland’s been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

Seattle selected QB Russell Wilson in the third round of the draft, pick number 75, and set up their offense around him. They’re currently the fifth seed in the NFC playoff picture.

Oh yeah… The Redskins drafted QB Kirk Cousins in the 4th round, number 102 pick overall, and he gashed our defense yesterday… 26/37, 329 yards & two TDs!

You stupid Browns fans gonna blame that on Weeden?

Our coaching staff is just abysmal! I believe if you install any of the elite QBs in the league into our rigid, bland, West Coast offense, they’d get their asses kicked and look like shit!

And how about our terrible running game? Trent Richardson is a bust? Yeah… I’ve heard that too! Well… I looked at some stats, and you can look ’em up yourself because I don’t feel like posting them all here. Here are some percentages, however…

Trent Richardson Redskins TD

Yesterday, Trent Richardson was only allowed 11 carries. 9 in the first half and 2 in the second. 6 of those carries, or 55%, were between the tackles, where Trent is less effective. Not once did the coaching staff call a running play around either end, where T-Rich is most effective.

I figured I’d look up the gold standard of current RBs, Adrian Peterson of the Vikings, and see his play distribution from yesterday, since he was the top rusher. Dude ran for 212 yards! Well, 33% of Peterson’s runs were between the tackles and accounted for only 5 yards! The other 67% of runs and 207 yards were outside the tackles.

Adrian Peterson TD

Again… our coaching staff doesn’t know how to utilize the talent they have. Every QB under Coach Shurmer has sucked balls and that includes Rams QB Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and now Brandon Weeden. Look it up!

Our new owner, Jimmy Haslam III needs to clean house (with the exception of Tom Heckert, in my opinion) and get this team on the right track next year.

Shit… Next weekend we travel to Denver, and face yet another team that tailored their offense around their QB, Peyton Fucking Manning, who will most definitely kick our defenses ass! Shit….


Previous weeks:

Week 14: Browns 30 ~ Chiefs 7 – THREE STREAK!
Week 13: Browns 20 ~ Oakland 17 – TWO WINS IN A ROW!
Week 12: Browns 20 ~ Steelers 14 – Woo hoo! Puck Fittsburgh!
Week 11: Browns 20 @ Cowboys 23 – Pat Shurmer is Terrible.
Week 10: Bye
Week 9: Ravens 25 ~ Browns 15 – Pat Shurmer is terrible.
Week 8: Browns 7 ~ Chargers 6 – Defense prevails!!!
Week 7: Colts 17 ~ Browns 13 – Painful loss…
Week 6: Browns 34 ~ Bengals 24 – Woo hoo! Nice Win!
Week 5: Browns 27 ~ Giants 41 – PLAY THE ENTIRE GAME FELLAS!
Week 4: Ravens 23 ~ Browns 16 – Good game but same ole results.
Week 3: Bills 24 ~ Browns 14 – All around problems.
Week 2: Bengals 34 ~ Browns 27 – Our Special teams are dawgshit.
Week 1: Eagles 17 ~ Browns 16 – The sickly debut of Brandon Weeden.

Hug your children and love them every day

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