In Which I Jump Into The Gun Control Debate…

I know I’m a little late on this one, and I wasn’t even gonna write about it, but it’s all over the news so I gotta get it off my chest.

Before I get into gun control, I think the federal government should make some dangerous drugs illegal, so they’re totally removed from society and no one will ever kill themselves by ingesting them or murder others by selling them.




Once that shit’s made illegal, we won’t have a proble…. Oh WAIT! That shit IS illegal and yet it still exists because of those who want to profit from those who want to abuse it.

So what exactly do you all want to do with guns now that there has been yet another senseless tragedy?

One argument I’ve heard? Make all of ’em illegal.

That’s just stupid! By making guns illegal, all of the law abiding gun owners will have to give up their personal protection.

And ya know what? Those crazy people who want to kill people will still find a way to get their hands on “illegal” guns and will continue to kill people.

Imagine how much more empowered the crazies will be knowing that lawful citizens can no longer protect themselves with firearms…

The other argument is to place more restrictions on the types of weapons that can be purchased; or limit the capacities of the magazines. I personally don’t think that’s gonna make much of a difference when it comes to the crazy people. Again, they’ll get what they think they need from somewhere, probably illegally.

I DO believe that it should be difficult to buy any kind of gun. I don’t know what federal or state laws allow or restrict and, frankly, I’m too lazy to look it up right now…. but I think a full background check should be performed on anyone buying a gun.

Or maybe make ammunition extremely expensive, as hilariously illustrated by Chris Rock…

Dude cracks me up… but he’s not far off base…

Okay… now I’m just thinkin’ out loud here, but what if there was a “Bureau of Gun Possession,” similar to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles? Once one reaches legal gun possession age, and wants to buy a gun, they must apply for a license… take a written & field test and upon passing all the tests, they pay a fee for their license. Then, when they buy a gun, it has to be registered with said bureau. Every year or two, that license must be renewed. This bureau would be tied into law enforcement, so if something shows up on your record that says “crazy” you lose your license and must give up your weapon. I dunno, like I said, just thinking out loud…

But, in my opinion, lawful gun ownership and concealed carry should not be messed with, under our Second Amendment rights.

Shortly after the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy on Friday, I took my girlies out to Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park in tropical Sandusky, OH. We had a blast, and at one point I snuck outside to smoke and saw the usual anti gun signage on the door. Then my twisted brain started thinking… If I were a crazy motherfucker, like 100% of these mass shooters are, I could have a field day at a place like Great Wolf. Nobody inside is armed, so I could easily take out 50 or so before the armed authorities showed up.

But what if a crazy motherfucker, with intent to kill, walks up to a sign like this…

Lawful Carry

I Googled that signage so I have no clue if it actually exists. But what if it does? I guarantee you, they’ll think twice before continuing…

What if there was signage on every school or public place that said this? It’s all about marketing! Stick that sign all over the place and gun violence goes away.. or at the very least, loses it’s confidence.

Y’all think that douchebag would’ve waltzed into that school knowing that the principle, or one of the teachers, might’ve had a gun too? That he could’ve gotten his head blown off before he could’ve murdered even one little child?

If I were in charge of anything I would make signs like that universal!

And then there are people everywhere vilifying the gun manufacturers. Really? That’s just stupid, too! And, yes, I understand that guns are manufactured to fire bullets, dumbasses! In the right hands, they allow our military to do their job and private citizens to protect their families.

In the wrong hands, people are murdered.

Let’s go back to the car comparison, shall we?

Bentleys are high end cars that are manufactured so people with money to burn can let the rest of us know that they have a sexy mode of transportation.

In the wrong hands, people are murdered.

Back in 2009, journeyman NFL WR Donté Stallworth, hit and killed a pedestrian while driving drunk in a Bentley Continental GT…

Bentley Continental GT

At no point during the investigation was Bentley blamed for the death of the pedestrian, though it was clear that the car did the killing… Also, whatever Stallworth was drinking was never an accessory to the crime…

So don’t blame guns for these mass shooters, when these crazy fucks should be the ones under the microscope…

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