I Can’t Make This Shit Up…

I was just reading the news and saw this headline: Will your next burger be ground up mealworms?

Naturally, I clicked on it… and it wasn’t a joke! I cannot believe that there are actually researchers out there, these ones from the Netherlands, that are attempting to figure out if mealworms are a viable replacement for beef, pork and poultry… MEALWORMS…


JESUS! That’s just gross! These are things that the girlies and I feed to our lizard… and these nutjobs wanna replace a big juicy burger with ground up, fused together beetle larvae?

Fuck that noise!

Why are they looking into this? Because they’re stupid tree huggers, that’s why! They feel that the amount of acreage required to raise livestock is ravaging our environment too much and maybe it’ll be cheaper and take up less space to raise mealworms instead.

And apparently insects fart less than cows, pigs and chickens; again a big difference in greenhouse gasses. Of course insects fart less you idiots! Y’all ever see how tiny they are?

Not surprising at all, there are wackos from California in on this research…

Here’s an actual quote from entomologist Brian Fisher at the California Academy of Sciences:

We need to promote a campaign along the lines of, “If it’s okay to eat sushi, it’s okay to eat insects.” If you eat lobster, eating insects is pretty much the same thing.

No… it’s NOT the same! Big, juicy lobster tail… or crunchy little bugs? That’s a no brainer for normal people who don’t receive government funding!

Another knucklehead entomologist had an even more exciting take on the subject of ingesting insects. Here’s Florence Dunkel from the University of Montana…

The freeze-dried forms of mealworms produced in the Netherlands are easy to grind into a powder on your kitchen countertop. I have already used them with good success in brownies.

Ewwww. Just EWWWW!

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