Already Freakin’ Out about this Afternoon ~ Browns @ Broncos

Last night, I watched Detroit’s WR Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, pass the great Jerry Rice’s record of 1,848 single season receiving yards!

Calvin Johnson

Megatron now has 1,892 receiving yards and if he continues his per game average of 126 yards next week he’ll finish with 2,018 yards! Just. AMAZING!

Calvin Johnson is not a diva WR or NFL player either. From what I can tell, he’s a good dude who plays really hard; even after signing a big contract, which is a time when most NFL players shit the bed.

Congratulations Megatron!

But as ESPN commentator Jon Gruden pointed out, Johnson’s yards are garbage yards as the Lions are now 4-11.  That is NOT a knock on Megatron; just a knock on the Lions, who are a shitty team. I can say that, because I’m a fan of the shitty Cleveland Browns. At least Lions fans have something to be somewhat happy about.

Cleveland’s best WR is rookie Cheech Josh Gordon, who is on pace for only 867 receiving yards this season. And THAT’s not a knock on Josh Gordon, who I believe has the potential to become an elite WR in this league; with any luck it’ll be with Cleveland.

We have a lot of strong potential on this 2012 Browns team. But a stupid coach, Pat Shurmer, has essentially handcuffed the team with his lack of basic football knowledge…

Shurmer Eyes closed

…bad play calls, terrible use of timeouts and a general lack of awareness plague this dude every week.

I’m sure he’s a great guy, a good husband and father, but coaching an NFL team should NOT be what he’s doing.

And at 4:05 today we play the Broncos, who will absolutely kick our asses! Honestly, going into this season, I thought Peyton Manning would be a bust considering missing the 2011 season after multiple neck surgeries.

Boy was I wrong!

After starting the season 3-3, no doubt Manning was rusty, he has led the Broncos to 9 straight wins!

Pat Shurmer can’t gameplan for a normal team, let alone a team QB’d by Peyton Manning!

As much faith as I have in our defense, there is no way they can hang against the speed and precision of a Peyton Manning offense. Be ready for a lot of no huddle, hurry up shotgun offense (something the next Browns coach should employ). I see Manning throwing 5 TD’s against us today.

Final score? Broncos 52 ~ Browns 20. Book it!


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