Monday Moanin’ ~ Week Sixteen ~ Browns 12 @ Broncos 34…

I know… I’m way, way late in bitching about yesterday’s game. Gimmie a break! It’s Christmas eve! I grabbed the girlies this morning, we made a batch of our awesome chocolate chip cookies, and went over to Grandma’s to celebrate our Christmas. We opened presents, had a fantastic turkey dinner prepared by Grandma, then relaxed a bit and had a great time!

Now’s the part of Christmas that I loathe. My ex wife and I have an agreement that, after we spend Christmas eve with my family, the girlies go back to her place to spend Christmas day with her and her family. It’s fair. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t painful. I’m not looking forward to Christmas day.

Yeah, my sister has extended an invitation for me to go to her place for Christmas dinner, since they opt out of Christmas eve for reasons I won’t get into here. It’s pretty painful to celebrate anything without my girlies, so I prolly won’t go. Most don’t understand that mentality. Sorry. My choice.

Anyway since my bad mood is starting to creep in, I might as well bitch about the Browns game.

And that shit was yet ANOTHER total disaster!

I knew that Peyton Manning was gonna pass at will, but it was worse than I expected. Our defense barely pressured Manning, and if you give that dude too much time he’s gonna dance all over your face. Manning’s first two TD passes came with damn near blanket coverage by Sheldon Brown on the receivers. But Manning wasn’t pressured, affording him time to throw with pinpoint accuracy. Hell, I don’t remember our D linemen so much as sticking a hand up to potentially disrupt Manning…

There’s no point in bitching about the stupid offense, because it’s boring and predictable. We give up the running game, make ourselves one dimensional and the defense just clamps down on our passing game.

Did you guys know that QB Brandon Weeden isn’t allowed to audible to change the play when he sees something on the defense he doesn’t like? Yeah… he’s forced to execute the play called in by Shurmer. And that’s what got him killed when Broncos’ linebacker Von Miller came off the edge unblocked and sacked him. Hard…

Von Miller Sack

…Injuring Weeden’s right shoulder. It’s stupid. Pat Fucking Shurmer is a lame duck coach, soon to be fired. In how long you ask? Well here ya go…

He’s lost the locker room and players are giving up. Josh Cribbs continues to be an insufferable bitch on twitter.

It’s a horrible time of year to be a Browns fan. The future isn’t clear. New coach. New assistants? New GM? Shit…

What is clear is that we play Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh next Sunday in a game that doesn’t matter to either team. I’d like to see us beat ’em just to make it the first sweep of the Steelers since I was 15! Ugh…


Previous weeks:

Week 15: Redskins 38 ~ Browns 21 – Browns fans are dumb!
Week 14: Browns 30 ~ Chiefs 7 – THREE STREAK!
Week 13: Browns 20 ~ Oakland 17 – TWO WINS IN A ROW!
Week 12: Browns 20 ~ Steelers 14 – Woo hoo! Puck Fittsburgh!
Week 11: Browns 20 @ Cowboys 23 – Pat Shurmer is terrible.
Week 10: Bye
Week 9: Ravens 25 ~ Browns 15 – Pat Shurmer is terrible.
Week 8: Browns 7 ~ Chargers 6 – Defense prevails!!!
Week 7: Colts 17 ~ Browns 13 – Painful loss…
Week 6: Browns 34 ~ Bengals 24 – Woo hoo! Nice Win!
Week 5: Browns 27 ~ Giants 41 – PLAY THE ENTIRE GAME FELLAS!
Week 4: Ravens 23 ~ Browns 16 – Good game but same ole results.
Week 3: Bills 24 ~ Browns 14 – All around problems.
Week 2: Bengals 34 ~ Browns 27 – Our Special teams are dawgshit.
Week 1: Eagles 17 ~ Browns 16 – The sickly debut of Brandon Weeden.

Hug your children and love them every day

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