Woo hoo!!! Browns Kicker Phil Dawson FINALLY Gets Into the Pro Bowl!!!

Phil Dawson

Only Browns fans can appreciate how excited I am right now!

And, yeah, I understand how stupid and a waste of time the Pro Bowl is. This really isn’t about the Pro Bowl game itself. This is a testament to Phil!

He was voted in by us fans, the NFL coaches and the players.

Why? Because he’s been the most consistent player on this Browns team since they re-entered the league in 1999. Someone needs some recognition!

I know. I know… lots of kickers are pretty consistent. But can they do shit like this???

It’s always fun to see Ravens fans get their collective hearts ripped out of their chests! That weird ass field goal tied the game. Then Phil won it in overtime on another field goal!

Unfortunately, this coming Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh will probably be Phil’s last with Cleveland. The Browns have not been able to work out a deal with Phil the last couple years so they tagged him as their “franchise player. If they tag him for 2013, a third franchise tag, I believe he’ll make like $7 Million. That’s just too much for a kicker!

Hell, I’d love to see Phil retire as a Browns player but I don’t think he’s done kicking yet, and if Cleveland can’t work out a deal with him, he’ll be gone.

But let’s not dwell on that potential sadness just yet. Let’s enjoy Phil’s recognition!


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