Another Episode of: I Can’t Make this Shit Up ~ Toy Gun Control!

Toy Gun

It’s nearly impossible to have a serious debate about firearms nowadays.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve talked with intelligent people who, like myself, realize something needs to be done to protect innocent people and, especially, our children from crazy murderous people.

I’ve also talked to some close minded people who may be intelligent but just don’t make much sense.

Here are a few cases of just that.

In my post last week in which I jumped into the gun control debate, I offered my potential solution for more restrictive gun controls, as well as my support for lawful concealed carry. One rebuttal I received was a Wikipedia entry titled “List of attacks related to primary schools.” Click the link to check it out.

It’s a list of school related attacks dating back to 1764. On the list were bombings, stabbings, shootings, scalpings (no tomahawk control back in the 1700s?) and even an errant bombing of a school by an Angolan MiG-21 pilot!

What information did I glean from this database? 99% of the assailants were crazy people, the only exception being the MiG pilot who missed his target by 30 miles. You’d be surprised at the amount of incidents similar to this one:

A 28-year-old teacher named Mr. Norris shot and wounded his assistant, a young woman named Miss Ford, in his schoolhouse after she rejected his marriage proposal. Norris then committed suicide.


10-year-old Dorothy Malakanoff was shot and killed by 49-year-old Demetri Tereaschinko as she arrived at her school in San Francisco. Tereaschinko then shot himself in a failed suicide attempt. Tereaschinko was reportedly upset that Malakanoff refused to elope with him.

The critical information missing from the database was whether or not any of the schools had any sort of security, since that was the gist of the debate.

One entry from Italy did provide interesting, however. Read it for yourself:

Arturo Santato, a former inmate of an asylum in Aversa, and his brother Egidio went into a school in Terrazzano, near Milan, carrying guns, dynamite and acid and took 96 children and three teachers hostage for about six hours. They demanded 200 millon lira ($112,000,000) for the release of their hostages or they would kill them. Using the children as shields they fired shots at people outside the school, killing one person and injuring another three. The hostage crisis ended when one teacher tackled Egidio, grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the head. The attack distracted the brothers long enough to give police time to storm the classroom without endangering the children’s lives.

Hmmm… the perpetrators’ plan was foiled by an armed teacher? Very interesting! Thanks for the info, BJ, though most of it had nothing to do with my point.

I’ve also heard the “Crazy Chinese attackers only kill children in schools with knives because of the communist laws preventing private, law abiding citizens from owning guns” argument. Two points on this one.

1.) If private Chinese citizens, who make $.23 an hour assembling iPods, iPads and iPhones, have access to guns, most of them will shoot themselves. It’s a quicker way out than jumping out the factory window into a Foxconn suicide net…

Foxconn suicide nets

…. getting reeled in by your supervisor and then forced back to work.

2.) The average crazy Chinese attacker, who undoubtedly earns the above wage, will have to save up for at least a few years to buy an illegal firearm. It’s a way cheaper option to score a knife from your brother who, up the street, makes knife sets for WalMart.

The following was another humorous “debate” I enjoyed on Facebook…

My initial status:

I wonder why, with the exception of the Terminator, there are no mass shootings at police stations?

Clearly you see what I was looking for here. An affirmation that places with security aren’t normally attacked by the crazies… But no! I got this response from DB:

I wonder why cops get shot on the job.

So I came back with my most, to me at least, logical response:

Evil. Evil people D… And if I possessed that evil, I certainly wouldn’t target a joint where I’d face resistance.

DB wanted to keep it going though:

Greg, I think you missed my point. Even people who can carry a gun all the time — hanging right there in the open — get shot. As a friend of mine’s son said, fixing gun crimes with guns is like “pouring coffee on a coffee stain to get it out.”

My first thought was WTF are you talking about??? Pouring coffee on a coffee stain? Apparently pouring vodka into your vodka is not working for you! My fourth thought was to just call her and her thinking dumb, but I’m a mature, intelligent adult so I said:

Of course cops get shot on the job… by criminals. And the cops usually aren’t the initial target. You missed my point. These crazy mass shooters go to places where there is no protection for the people they want to harm. It’s interesting how the shooters kill themselves when someone with a gun shows up.

DB wasn’t done, however, as she wanted to continue to school me with intelligent debate. She said:

Nope, Greg. I got your point. I just think it’s dumb.

This “thought” comes from someone who feels that the government should provide women with free birth control and then, if the birth control doesn’t get the job done, the choice to have the pesky “mass” removed via a D&C.

Holy shit! I just spewed 900 words to get to the point of this post!

This is just getting stupid folks! Now some parents are taking toy guns away from their children because those toy guns might make them insane murderers!

Check out the story HERE presented by the left wing NBC jacknuts!

In the story a Chicago mother, Anupy Singla, explains how for months she’s struggled with her 7 and 10 year old daughters playing with evil Nerf assault style guns that fire potentially dangerous foam bullets. After the Newtown tragedy, she got rid of those weapons!

Another crazy mom, Eileen, took away about a dozen of her 4 & 7 year old sons’ toy guns because, “I felt like they needed to understand that play guns could lead to real-life consequences. If you’re aiming a play gun and shooting it, you’re practicing shooting at people.”

Hey Eileen, ya better not let your boys play with that little plastic lawnmower that blows bubbles! They might become low paid landscapers someday!

And who knows where that pink Easy Bake oven might take them!

This constant pussification of America is pissing me off!

“Dodge ball is violent, take it away!”

“Youth sports shouldn’t be so competitive, they should all be winners!”

“Teachers shouldn’t correct papers with red, because that’s too negative!”

Toy guns don’t make kids violent, absent or abusive parents do.

Gaaaaahhhh I’m pissed right now. More on this stuff later…

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