Sexy Saturday ~ The Year in Review!

I’m sorta gonna brag about the progress of my little blog today. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who crank out WAY better numbers than I’ll reveal here, and I’m working on ways of increasing viewership, but for right now, this is where For Shiggles is at…. and where it started!

I launched this blog back on November 20th of 2011. I had 52 views in the 10 remaining days of that month and was very excited about it!

December 2011… I had 159 views… or 5 views a day…

January… 574 views… or 19 a day… I was wondering is it really worth it?

February… 1,322 views… or 46 a day… Someone’s checking out my blog every 30 minutes… Hmmmm.

March… 2,115 views… or 68 a day… I wrote a few times about my buddy’s divorce from his whore wife, which was the reason for the increased traffic.

April… 2,590 views… or 86 a day… On April 14th, I unveiled a new regular series. This one. Sexy Saturday. One of the first images I posted was of me lighting my penis on fire….

Fire dick

BAM!!! May… 25,905 views… or 836 a day! Since then, I’ve averaged 1,200 views a day or 1 view every 72 seconds!

Okay… I know… Enough math! What largely sells this site is tits and ass. Honestly, I like the traffic but that’s not why I started writing! I want to draw a large audience, and teenage boys fapping to my pictures is not the target audience I had envisioned. I promise to make my content deeper in 2013!

But for right now, here are the top 10 search terms that bring people to For Shiggles… and my favorite pictures to go with them!

1.) Kate Upton

Kate Upton holy shit nipples!

Alright… Kate’s top dawg, so she gets a bonus offering…

2.) Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Sexy Swimsuit

That picture’s from the other day! And she’s 40! Holy hell! I wanna see the back of that suit, but I couldn’t find a picture anywhere, so here’s the best back shot I have of the lovely Sofia…

Sofia Vergara Ass

Oof… Okay… must move on…

3.) Serena Williams… Wait. What?

Serena Williams Bikini

That is, seriously, the only picture of Serena Williams I’ve ever posted… yet it gets her #3 honors!

4.) Jessica Biel Ass (Not a grammar error, that’s what people search!)

Jessica Biel Ass WOW

Any questions? Actually, Jess made the top 10 twice with a search term of “Jessica Biel” so here’s another one.

Jessica Biel in bed

Yeah… that’s Jess and I having sex making love… and so is this…

Jessica Biel sex

…. not pictured? ME!

Sorry… I’m still thinkin’ about her ass, so here goes another .gif…

Jessica Biel

… Left. Right…. Left. Right…. Don’t tell me that’s not hypnotic!

Anyway…. It’s not only guys fapping to For Shiggles! Up next….

5.) Adam Levine of Maroon 5

In case you’re wondering who’s hands are compressing his package… I’ll tell ya! It’s his ex-girlfriend, Anne Vyalitsyna, better known as Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret model Anne V. Somehow, being as attractive as she is, she didn’t even crack the top 30 on this site.

Now’s a good time for a quick video break. Here’s Adam and Anne in Maroon 5’s Misery

Nice jeans, Anne!!! Okay… back to the list!

6.) Kim Kardashian. I can’t remember mentioning her that much…

Kim Kardashian ASS

… now I remember… Her ass! But, to be quite honest, her sister Kourtney is way more attractive! Kim sorta looks like an NFL runningback…

7.) Poppy Montgomery (of Without a Trace fame)…

Poppy Montgomery in bed

I think Poppy is extremely attractive. She’s also Australian, so she’s like a 10.3 on a 10 scale! Wanna know her full name? It’s Poppy Petal Emma Elizabeth Deveraux Donahue! Good luck shouting that name out in the throes of passion!

8.) Bibi Jones

Bibi Jones was a porn star aka Britney Beth and Lexy Jones. She is now Britney Maclin… that’s her real name… I think. Does it really matter?

9.) Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova at Edgewater Park

This is another woman I only posted once. Apparently she’s searched a lot!

10.) Courtney Force.

Courtney Force Fire Suit

Yes… A funny car driver made the top ten! It was really the following picture that was more popular…

Maaaaaake Ooooouuuut!

That’s Courtney on the right and her sister, Brittany Force, on the left!

There are the top 10 searched sexy people on my site!

My honorable mention goes to the highly talented and extremely sexy Skylar Grey, who was only 1 search behind Courtney Force…

Skylar Grey Mmmmm

Skylar Grey Good Morning

I’ll close out this post with a beautiful song by Skylar that, although it’s about her struggles with the music industry, clearly speaks to a lot of women…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

3 responses to “Sexy Saturday ~ The Year in Review!

  1. Exactly how many beers does it take to decide to set ones own penis on fire?!?!?! …just curious.

  2. Too funny! You should have put a disclaimer “don’t try this at home… I am a professional.” LOL

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