In Jimmy Haslam We (need to) Trust!

Well this is it folks! Final game of the season for the Brownies!

As is customary here in Cleveland, the end of the season will also result in the firing of another GM, head coach and most, if not all, of their underlings.

I’m actually excited for this rebuild of the team! The previous couple rebuilds were under the ownership of an owner who couldn’t care less about the Browns as he inherited the team when his Dad, Al Lerner, passed away. I’m talkin’ about Randy Lerner. This douche:

Randy Lerner

Oh, shit….. I crack up every time I look at that picture. He clearly was never an NFL football guy, and that showed in his choices of front offices since he inherited the team.

No point in looking back at all the missteps that Lerner took during his 10 years of mostly absent ownership. Now’s the time to look forward to all the positive change that will take place under the new ownership of rootin’ tootin’ Jimmy Haslam III…

Jimmy Haslam yee haw

Mr. Haslam is a very smart businessman and, let’s face it, football is a business. Haslam has a good track record of putting the right people in place to get the job done.

So far, he’s hired Joe Banner as the CEO of the Browns. Banner is a no nonsense dude. He governs with no sympathy for burned out players that may be fan favorites (Ahem.. Josh Cribbs). He also refrains from signing players that get to the point of demanding more money than they may actually be worth (Sorry Phil Dawson) and are fan favorites.

Haslam also hired Cowboys executive, Alec Scheiner, as the new president of the Browns. Scheiner’s major accomplishment with Dallas was getting their new stadium deal and having the cheerleaders “cage dance!”

Cowboys Cheerleaders cage dance

Needless to say, coach Shurmer will be fired at some point between the conclusion of today’s game and tomorrow morning.

I was getting a little sad about that, but not for the reasons you might think. He seems to be a great guy, married with some kids and has a home in the area. He and his family will be uprooted once again as he goes back into the job market.

But it’s HIS damn fault. He might be a great person, husband and Dad, but JESUS does he suck at the coaching thing. He just looks confused on the sideline…



… and he makes terrible decisions with clock management, timeouts, challenges and play calling.

I hate to see Browns GM Tom Heckert go, but it sounds like he’s outta here too. I think he’s a pretty smart football guy. But, as usual, Haslam’s gonna hire the guys he wants to run his team…

Anyway, it’s time for me to watch the Browns get blown out for the last time ever by Pittsburgh…


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