Sexy Saturday ~ Let it Snow!

No, forget that… Seriously… DON’T let it snow! I don’t like it! Yeah, it’s pretty to look at and all, but the presence of snow that doesn’t melt is a sure sign that it’s freakin’ cold out there!

And driving in that crap is terrible! Shit.. I can hold my own, even with crappy tires on my Jetta [Note to self: Make appointment with Enger Goodyear to get some new rubber] but all the other wackos out there seem like they’re out to kill me. Put a 37 year old woman in an AWD Mountaineer and she thinks she’s immortal and flies down Pearl Rd. at 50 MPH in 6 inches of that pretty stuff. Then she stabs the brakes and puts the vehicle into a series of spins thus converting it into a 4,500 lb killing machine..

I think the best part of the cold and snow is watching sexy athletes compete in it!

Like X Games 4 time gold medalist Gretchen Bleiler…

Gretchen Bleiler Snowboarding

Oh… but that’s too many layers Gretchen!

Gretchen Bleiler

Alright… nude is MUCH better! Man, she’s ripped! How about one more… maybe when she’s not doping for competition…

Gretchen Bleiler Bikini

Okay… on to a slightly more successful snowboarder, Hannah Teter, who wn gold in the ’06 Winter Olympics…

Hannah Teter Snowboarding

Hard to tell that’s a woman, right?

Hannah Teter Bikini

She certainly is! And check this out…

Hannah Teter Ass

Whoo boy does she have a nice ass! I dunno what she’s thinkin’ wearing those baggy jeans and flannels!

Let’s move on to skiing, shall we? Here is Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn..

Lindsey Vonn

At least she gets to wear better gear than the snowboarders! I gotta say, though, that these skiers have some balls for navigating those slopes! Lindsey cleans up pretty nicely, however…

Lindsey Vonn in bed

She’s so cute and looks all cuddly!

Lindsey Vonn Bikini

And, upon further review, she doesn’t have any balls!

Here’s one for the ladies and men who like men… Minnesota Vikings’ RB Adrian Peterson…

Adrian Peterson Vikings

… HE’S got balls! Dude’s a beast of a running back, great teammate and all around good guy. Last week, he missed beating out Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing yards record by only 9 yards… Peterson won’t be playing in any snow tonight at Lambeau field, but it’s gonna be pretty damn cold; mid 20s… he cleans up pretty well too.

Adrian Peterson Topless

Enjoy the rest of your (Wild Card) weekend folks!

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