This NFL Concussions Thing Finally Hit Home….

No… I didn’t slip on the ice yesterday morning and concuss myself, though I damn near did! Only thing that saved me was my cat-like reflexes; hell, I didn’t even spill any coffee!

It’s hard for me to feel bad for what NFL players go through when all I hear about is seven to nine figure contracts.

Then I hear about concussions. I see concussions happen on live TV in beautiful High Definition. I damn near shit my pants with joy when a safety dislodges the ball from a receiver with a brutal hit like this…

TJ Ward Destroys Jordan Shipley

I never think about the after effects of that brutal hit. These dudes get paid a LOT of money to play a dangerous game.

Enter Bernie Kosar…

Bernie Kosar Art Modell

I X’d out Satan Art Modell by the way! I bought new photo editing software and that’s the best I could figure out how to do. Oooh wait’ll I really figure it out!

Anyway… anyone who knows me knows my favorite Browns player from back in the day was Bernie. Hell, I named my dog after him!

Of course my Dad had me excited in the Browns from a very young age, but when I was 6 years old, cheering for Brian Sipe, I was merely mimicking my Dad’s joy… and pain. By the time I had begun to grasp the concept of football, Bernie Kosar was the Browns QB. Cleveland went to the playoffs 5 YEARS IN A ROW with Bernie under center!

Bernie wasn’t the most athletic QB. There’s actually a good chance he was one of the least athletic QBs! He threw a mean ass, weird looking sidearm pass, but dude didn’t move very well.

He got his ass kicked… concussed numerous times. But back then, players would continue to play after getting knocked the fuck out, and quarterbacks weren’t protected from bone jarring hits like Tom Brady they are today.

Bernie hasn’t been right for a while because of it.

He’s called Browns preseason games for years and, even though what he says is brilliant, has sounded drunk or on pills. I’ve defended him, knowing his history of concussions, but maybe he was on something.

Turns out Bernie is actually doing something to fix his concussed brain instead of merely suing the NFL as many others are doing.

When I saw him talking about how this stuff has messed up his life for so long it finally hit me…

I got all choked up watching that video… but good for you, Bernie! Maybe some of these other ex-players will quit grabbing for cash from the NFL and do more to fix their own concussed brains…

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