Hi-fi Friday! Eddie Money!

Eddie Money

I’m sure everybody’s seen the following commercial in which Eddie Money appears to be an idiot, or a drunk… or both….

I hate it… because I like Eddie Money! So here’s the proper representation of the song in that stupid commercial…

~ Two Tickets to Paradise ~

That’s some good stuff there!

Then, way back in high school, I had a huge crush on my sister’s friend. My sister didn’t approve of me “making a move on her,” ¬†because it was apparently “gross” so I never had a chance to say, “Hey Elaine, check out this tune, because it totally makes me think about you… let’s do it!”

~ Take Me Home Tonight ~

Unfortunately, that never worked out… Couple years later, Eddie came out with the following video. It features a really hot model who is, for some reason, really angry. Ya know how difficult it is to rub one out to a video with a hot, angry woman in it who, at times, appears to be wearing a diaper?

~ Walk On Water ~

That was a very confusing video for 15 year old me. I Google searched for like 7 minutes just now and could not find out who that woman was….

Anyway… my Cleveland Browns just hired a new head coach and I’m pretty excited about it, so I need to delve into that subject…

Enjoy your weekend folks!

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