Fatty Finally Bought a Treadmill!


YES! I’ve been packin’ on the pounds lately and it’s time to work ’em off! I’ve been saving up for several months to buy a treadmill so I can do my cardio here at home and, once I’m light enough, get back to the gym for strength training!

It’s sort of funny… I bought this thing Saturday night, about 7:30, and brought it home. Dragging its 300 pounds out of the trunk of the Jetta and into the house really kicked my ass!

Assembly took like four hours because I was drinkin’ some beers and watching the 49ers game while putting it together.

Then, after the girls and I got going yesterday, I was excited to see them all fired up about the treadmill!

I let little Delana try it for a bit and she had some fun. I know… it’s not for the little ones, but she was excited! Alexis & Brooke fought about who’s turn was next! What would have been PlayStation time turned into exercise time!

They both did serious workouts yesterday. I was happy to see that!

I put in about 20 minutes this morning and whoo boy did it kick my ass! Damn am I out of shape!

And so it begins! Target: 180 pounds. That’s a lot of work, ’cause I’m sitting at 231 right now!

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