Public Humiliation Diet ~ Day 5!

I’m getting the hang of the treadmill now. Running in place is awkward! Hell, the first few times, I applied the death grip to the heart rate handles because I felt like I was gonna fall down… not from being exhausted and, don’t get me wrong, I do become exhausted rather quickly at this point, but because it felt weird!

Now I can let go of the grips and run normally! Oh yeah, I already had a talk with one of these people…

Marathon Sticker

… and was told how much better it is to run outside. Well good for you! You ran a marathon! That’s not my goal! Who know’s… maybe that’ll change some day and I’ll run a marathon and blow your time out of the water but, for now, I’m doing this to lose weight and I’m doing it my way!

I’m still adjusting to my nutrition plan. It’s pretty bland right now and goes sorta like this…

Breakfast: Straight up oatmeal… no sugar of any kind added.

Snack: Like 20 peanuts.

Lunch: Turkey or ham sandwich on this god awful multigrain bread… no toppings!

Snack: Like 20 peanuts. Ugh… gotta diversify the snack thing!

Dinner: Roasted chicken breast!

If I feel hungry in the evening, I might have a banana. Right now (Thursday evening) I’m drinking a beer instead! Way better than a banana!

Anyway, this morning’s weigh-in was 225.4. Okay. Minor progress!

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