Sexy Saturday! Oh No! They’ve All Got GUNS!

I offered my opinions regarding gun control last month and I stick by those opinions.

I believe even more, over the last few weeks, that this is really a people issue. A crazy people issue.

I see silly comments like, “Less guns = less gun violence,” or “Less guns = less bullets fired…”

Neither of those statements address the real issue: the person pulling the trigger because, as I hope you’re aware, guns don’t pull their own triggers! I KNOW, that all changes when Skynet becomes self aware…

Cameron... The sexy Terminator

Cameron… The sexy Terminator

…but we’re not at that point… yet!

Let me compare the above silly comment to a recent ban that was enacted in New York.

New York seems to think, “Less soda = less fat people.” Oh, I’m not makin’ that up, read the article HERE! The government can’t trust the people with their sodas, so they take ’em away!

By the way, anyone reading this thinking that I’ve crossed over to the dark side by writing “SODA” instead of “POP”; I haven’t! I was concerned that the liberals reading this might read “POP” and misinterpret it as gunfire, thus hiding under their MacBook Air or dropping their iPads, iPods or iPhones!

Silly libs… POP!

One last thing before I get into some sexy people wielding weapons. I know several legal, responsible gun owners; one of which has an arsenal that John Rambo would jerk off to! Everything I’ve read that the President is proposing to control guns will affect those people.

Nothing he is proposing will stop the crazy mass murderers from getting their crazy on, and killing innocent people.

Okay… let’s go! (Click to embiggen!)

And here are some for the ladies and men who like men…

Speaking of John Rambo, here’s one of the best clips form First Blood Part 2:

AAAHHHHH that scene gets me so FIRED UP! …. and for most of it, Rambo doesn’t even have a gun, but loogit all the violence!

I can’t put up that clip without this next one:

“Mission…. ACCOMPLISHED…!”

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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