Monday Moanin’! Ray Lewis Edition!

Yesterday, I fully expected the 49ers to beat the Falcons (I was right) and the Patriots to crush the Ravens (I was wrong).

The postgame show following the 49ers win was unremarkable. They won the NFC Championship and will now focus on Super Bowl 47 against the Baltimore Ravens. Yes.. In case you were wondering, I refuse to use Roman numerals, like Super Bowl XLVII… It’s 47 to me!

But, oh when the Ravens win the AFC Championship… It’s all about GOD, OH MY GOD, MY SHEPARD SHALL LEAD ME TO GREENER PASTURES… blah blah blah!

Following the Ravens’ win over the New England Patriots, notorious standout LB Ray Lewis stuck his face in the turf and did this…

Ray Ass

… C’mon dude… you just won a football game which allowed you to advance to the biggest of football games. I understand being emotional, but being a huge pussy? Inexcusable! And then you do this…

Lewis Bisciotti Love

… foreplay with team owner, Steve Bisciotti, isn’t gonna win you fans! To some, you remain a murderer, to others a loudmouth bible thumper and to me you’re just another football player… and an attention whore!

Now let all the Harbaugh brothers stories commence as it’s Jim…

(click it to see him lose it!)

Jim Harbaugh Meltdown

… vs. John…

John Harbaugh

…in Super Bowl 47!

Go Niners!

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