Five Days ’til Super Bowl 47… I’m Still Bitchin’ about Beyonce!

Beyonce Official

Because Beyonce aggravates the shit outta me!

For starters, she’s one of the most self absorbed idiots in the entertainment industry. More on that HERE if you don’t believe me…

Don’t get me wrong, she’s hot and has a phat ass, but after she flubbed the National Anthem by Milli Vanilli-ing it, she’s still on tap to do the Super Bowl 47 halftime show… which is reportedly gonna end up being a Destiny’s Child reunion… seriously?

Why? Why does the NFL hire douchebag artists like this to further their careers?

This is not football music! I don’t know what would classify as football music, but it’s certainly not early ’00s booty hip hop!

I’d be more impressed if Beyonce’s husband and alleged father of their son, Jay Z, jumped up on stage and started spittin’ about his 99 problems!

Anyway, Super Bowl halftime shows have, in my opinion, been stupid for years. The extended Super Bowl halftime is a great time to poop and make room for more nachos, wings & chili!

Oh yeah… when I think of Beyonce, the following video comes to mind more often than not. It’s from SNL and features Andy Samberg, Beyonce and the incredibly hilarious Justin Timberlake in a parody of Beyonce’s “hit” song, Single Ladies…

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