Hi-fi Friday! Pantera!


As the gun debate rages on in this country, there are some who think the entertainment industry should share some of the blame for the crazy mentally challenged people who will find any means they can to hurt or kill others.

All I got to say is why?

In this current world, no one wants to blame the crazy mentally challenged person who shoots up a school, or a theater, or a mall or whatever. They blame the gun.. they blame the movie… they blame the music…

Let’s start blaming the violent person, shall we?

I know a lot of people who listen to music that would be described as violent. Hell, I listen to some of that same music and have never gone crazy.

Pantera is a prime example.

Ahhhhhhh! That shit makes me wanna run through a brick wall!! Shoot, maybe it could make a weak minded person turn to violence!

I joke around with people when I listen to this stuff that I wanna punch them; mostly my buddy Dave… when we’re drinkin’! It’s all in fun, however.

If it weren’t, yesterday would’ve been the day I snapped… because I listened to this at lunchtime:

…. and nobody got hurt! It actually cleared my head and helped me regain my focus!

It’s a three day weekend here at For Shiggles! I’m gonna enjoy it! You all do the same! GO NINERS!

Ahhhhh… one more video! Can’t skip ‘Cowboys!’

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