Sexy Saturday ~ Goodbye and HELLO!



Broadcasting today from For Shiggles’ remote location in tropical nipply Hanover, PA…


Man… a couple weeks ago, the idiots at ABC cancelled one of their best sitcoms ever, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23. Somehow, stupid shows like The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars can survive, but not The B.

I don’t watch that much TV as it is, so, when one of my shows is cancelled, my little world becomes a little darker… and a little less tits and ass-y…

What will I do with no more Dreama Walker as June?

… Or no more Krysten Ritter as the dirty little whore, Chloe?

… Or no more James van der Beek as James van der Beek?

James van der Beek

…. Shit… I’m getting sad just writing this post. ABC has 8 episodes left that they won’t air now. Why? Just air them already; I don’t care what time,my DVR will pick ’em up!

Now I’m forced to look for new talent who may end up on ABC’s next sitcom. I may have discovered her, too! Her name is Emily Ratajkowski and you need to check her out!

I don’t care what the show might be about, either.

And here is today’s submission for the ladies… the return of Sexy Sellers!


Stay tuned for more Shane…

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks!

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