For Shiggles is going to Detroit!


My job requires me to travel sometimes so I can get out in the trenches and meet potential clients face to face. I enjoy it, because 99.7% of my time is spent on the phone, so the in-person stuff is fun.

More often than not I go to local networking events and hang out with the same group of people and basically discuss business… and drink beers.

Every once in a while, I get to work a major tradeshow in Las Vegas and, up until this year, have jumped at the chance to do it. I passed on Vegas this year, because a week without my kids would tear me up…

So, instead, I get to do a small show in Detroit tomorrow. I was just looking at Google Earth to figure out my trip, and the freeway system around there appears to be a major clusterfuck! If I get lost in Detroit I may actually be shot! Or end up in Canadia! Not sure which is worse! Either way I must be careful!


… and I won’t ’cause I gotta get in, get some work done, and get out! That there is one of my theme songs for reasons I’ll unveil at another time…

Right now… enjoy any of the updates I may provide tomorrow….

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