The Only Cool Thing about Detroit is when KISS is Singin’ about It!

Holy Shit… what an adventure yesterday for the tradeshow in Detroit for work!

For starters, I left the house WAY too early! From the For Shiggles nerve center to Detroit is about a 2 1/2 hour drive and setup was from 7-9 AM for a show that started at 10:00. I left at 4:16 yesterday morning and got to Detroit right at 7:00 (Little slow on the turnpike because there were some icy spots).

After getting off the freeway I drove through one of the shittiest neighborhoods I’ve ever seen…

Detroit Home

…en route to the Motor City Casino with all its fancy neon lights!


It’s sort of sad, actually, to see a kick ass casino rising up from a broken city… A city controlled by Democrats since 1962! YAY… go dems!

Anyway… I went into the convention center, met the people putting on the show and got all set up by 7:44. Shit… What was I gonna do for 2 hours before the show started? I decided to go see some sights, so I jumped back in the Jetta and cruised around.

I thought Cleveland was run down… but Detroit seemed way worse. Around 8:00 AM in downtown Cleveland there are at least lots of people walking to their jobs… Detroit was like a ghost town. I swear, in the short drive from the casino to the sports venues I wanted to see, I saw no more than a dozen people walking the sidewalks… and there was very little vehicle traffic…

I cruised past Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions…

Ford Field

… and Comerica Park; the Tigers’ stadium…

Comerica Park

… really, REALLY nice venues, but go a few hundred feet away and everything turns to shit… similar to Cleveland but’ like I said… worse…

I figured I’d just go back to the convention center and hang around ’til the show started, and on my way back I drove towards Obama Motors Government Motors GM’s headquarters…


… pretty buildings but a shitty company now…

I know… y’all wanna know how the show went… It was alright; I’ll give it a 4 out of 10 overall, however, as it started off really busy then fizzled out…

My booth neighbor to the right, Stacey,  showed up in her short red skirt outfit and 4 inch heels right before the show started and had lighting issues that she couldn’t work out, so I helped get her stuff working (HINT: The switch works every time). I shouldn’t pick on Stacey; she’s a heck of a salesperson!

My booth neighbors to the left were a bunch of guidos selling LED lighting systems that blinded my ass all day if I looked in their direction…

High Intensity LEDs

They were actually giving out sunglasses to the attendees! I shoulda grabbed a pair!

All in all, it was an interesting experience and a decent show. I expect a couple sales out of it and that’s why we do it.

So… reader Elaine emailed me a live version of KISS’ Detroit Rock City this morning and it cracked me up because they were doing the Beyonce Milli Vanilli lip syncing way back in 1976! Check it out:


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