Sexy Saturday ~ Valentine’s Day!

Sometimes I struggle to come up with ideas for Sexy Saturday. Thank God for reader Elaine’s input! She reminded me that Valentine’s Day is coming up next week and I should make that the theme for today… So Valentine’s Day it is!

My thoughts on the “holiday?” It’s stupid! Whatever it’s origins, all it is today is a boon for confectioners…

Chocolate Penis

… condom manufacturers,¬†restaurateurs, florists, Hallmark, lingerie stores, lubricant manufacturers, and dildo salesmen!

Wanna know how stupid it is to me? Last time I “celebrated” Valentine’s Day was in 2006 when I sent my wife flowers in an effort to sort of apologize for leaving town for a week for the Daytona 500…

Daytona 2006

DAMN was I skinny seven years ago! L to R… Myself, Jimmy, Tony, Jason and Brian.

…When I called to find out if she was excited about the flowers she blew me off. Hmmm… OH, she got the flowers, but it turns out that some other dude was giving her something else while I was 975 miles away. That’s why I’m single now… I oftentimes wonder if that dudes marriage was also destroyed back then…

FUCK Valentine’s Day…. I got pissed off reliving all of that bullshit, so here’s some sexy to cleanse the palate…

And for the ladies and men who like men…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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