It’s Not about Race You Idiot! It’s about Racin’!

Antron Brown

I know, I KNOW… I posted about drag racin’ just this morning, but THIS article came up in my newsfeed and it features a video about current NHRA top fuel champion, Antron Brown. I have no intention of making this blog only about drag racing, ’cause I’d rather look up and post stuff like this…

… that’s Brooklyn Decker by the way… she’s sort of a model…

But go to the link above to watch the video I’m all pissed about…

In short, the video is sold as Antron being the first African American to ever win a motorsports championship in America. He is… but Antron’s never been about race… just racing! He’s no different than any other race car driver… he grew up in a racing family and ultimately reached the pinnacle…. this past year!

It’s sorta funny…. when you watch the video, race never comes up in the conversation between Antron and the interviewer, though the voiceover from the interviewer makes it about race. Also notice how the interviewer seems to slight the women and Hispanic drivers in the series early on in the video…

So who’s racist? Definitely the media… because they didn’t give two shits about Antron Brown until he kicked ass this past season…

Again… Antron is and always has been a race car driver first! Hell… I’ve followed him for years from when he drove those crazy ass pro stock motorcycles and he never talked about race!

I met Antron shortly after I took the picture at the top of this post… he asked if I had family at the race and thanked us for coming out… and was an awesome dude…

… Just like all the drivers… because that’s what he is.. A top tier driver in the NHRA.

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