For All You Lovebirds Out There on Valentine’s Day!


Enjoy your manufactured “holiday”…. enjoy your time together; your fancy dinner. I bet your boyfriend/husband will even open your door for you today. Any other day, he prolly doesn’t! Oh well, you’ll fall for it, anyway!

Yeah… I’m bitter because I can’t do the same because of the lack of a “Valentine.” Oh… she technically exists; just too damn far away. And I open her door ALL the time when we get to hang out… It’s what I do, because she deserves to get treated like the awesome woman she is, not just on holidays or anniversaries, but every single day!

I’m pissed because we can’t spend today, or every day for that matter, together…

So, for you lovebirds, I dedicate this tune. Sorry, Bad Company, the artist formerly known as Kid Rock’s version is better than yours…

Now get to it couples!

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