Sexy Saturday! Another One Bites the Dust…

Ya know what? ABC can go burn in hell. About a month ago they announced the cancellation of one of my favorite sitcoms, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23.

Then last week, they effectively announced the cancellation of my other favorite sitcom, Happy Endings.

Happy Endings Season 3

It isn’t cancelled, per se, but ABC is trying their hardest to torpedo the show. Recently, they moved it to Sunday nights, airing double episodes to try and kill it. That didn’t work, so now they’re gonna move it to Friday nights, starting March 29th. Friday nights are where sitcoms go to die…

Why are they moving it now?

So they can air some stupid show called Celebrity Wife Swap. Ya know who’s gonna be featured on this season of Celebrity Wife Swap? Kate Gosselin…

I apologize for the lack of sexy here...

I apologize for the lack of sexy here…

… wait. WHAT? She ain’t even a wife! After that whole Jon and Kate plus 8 debacle, Jon & Kate got a divorce so now she’s a single mother. So what’s the swap? I guess Kate is gonna spend time with former Eagles/Colts/Vikings WR Hank Baskett and in return, Hank’s wife, Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, will spend time with Kate’s 8 kids…

This hardly seems fair to Hank, who has to give up this…

Kendra Wilkinson Ass

… for this…

Kate Gosselin Ass

Damn… that show’s not gonna be funny at all… I see it as a chronicle of the road to Hank’s suicide, which will then be blamed on concussions from playing football and not Kate Gosselin!

So that crap is gonna replace Happy Endings which is sort of like that old sitcom Friends… except Happy Endings is funny! And sexier!

No more Elisha Cuthbert as Alex Kerkovich?

Elisha Cuthbert




… and no more Eliza Coupe as Jane-Kerkovich-Williams…

Eliza Coupe GIF

Jane Kerkovich excited


Or Casey Wilson as Penny Hartz?

Penny Penis text

Penny Hartz Food

And now, for the ladies and men who like men, I present the guys from Happy Endings

Zachary Knighton as Dave Rose… GONE!

Dave Rose


Dave Rose Birthday Cake


The extremely hilarious Damon Wayans Jr. as Brad Williams…. SEE YA!

Brad Williams Happy Endings

Brad & Jane


I’ve saved the best for last here… Adam Pally plays Max Blum on Happy Endings…  He is, by far, my favorite character on the show and, in my opinion, the most hilarious gay character on TV.

Adam Pally


Max Penny


I hate to see this show go away… I’ve got no clue what ABC is thinking by trying to kill it…

Gotta go, folks! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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