Tempers are Flarin’ in Brunswick Today!

Circle K Blows

I stopped at Circle K after work for some smokes ‘n’ beers… for you local people, I’m talking about the one on Grafton & Pearl here in Brunswick. Don’t ever go there! The service is terrible nearly any time of the day.

Sometimes I forget that and I’ll go there and walk in, see two lines of five people and figure, “SHIT! Well I’m here, so I’ll just wait in line…” When it’s finally my turn, I know what I want….

…. and yet they try to sell me more shit, like lighters, or gum or fuckin’ lottery tickets… Look, dude… I want to pay for what I want! If I required anything else, I would’ve certainly asked for it!

The stupid lottery tickets were what caused the problem today! There were two people clogging up the registers for several minutes selecting their favorite scratch offs .. Look, Mabel, you just bought $37 in scratch off tickets… the fact that you won $10 doesn’t mean you won! You’re still behind you idiot! You might wanna call the “800” number on the back of the ticket because you clearly have a problem!

I would absolutely love, LOVE it if the Ohio Lottery Commission would move all scratch off tickets, hell, ALL lottery functions to the Horseshoe Casino!

Anyway…. the girl in line in front of me (let’s call her red Jeep girl) became extremely agitated because she had to wait so long while the dolts bought their lottery crap….

Red Jeep girl paid for her gas, after the barrage of added sales questions, then walked out of the store towards the pumps… and almost got ran over by another patron, White Pacifica girl, who was driving towards the pumps… Red Jeep girl started jawing with White Pacifica girl… I couldn’t hear ’em but I could see they were pissed at each other! Red Jeep girl was petite… maybe 5’1″ and 100 pounds and maybe 40ish? White Pacifica girl was younger, but appeared to be bigger, like 80 to 100 pounds bigger. They stopped going at it, as Red Jeep girl was pumping gas as White Pacifica girl searched for an open pump…

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, though, I saw Red Jeep girl pull up to White Pacifica girl and they started jawing again… When I turned onto Pearl, I saw Red Jeep girl exit her vehicle and walk towards the Pacifica!

DAMN! I think I missed an awesome big girl/hot girl fight!


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