Found a New Place to Hang Out at Last Saturday!

Last Saturday, Frank The Mayor of Funtown, his girlfriend The First Lady Tonya (sorry… y’all ain’t married…yet!) and I went to see David Allan Coe at Thirsty Cowboy in Medina.

When we arrived, Frank dropped Tonya off at the front door and then we went to park the car. While walking to the bar, we walked past D.A.C.’s tour bus… and he was SITTING RIGHT THERE… front of the bus…. head down, not moving! Dude’s old, 74… so we wondered if he was dead or just sleeping… Turns out he clearly wasn’t dead!

Sorry ’bout the shitty video quality, but the red lights didn’t play nice with my phone. The audio’s pretty good…

And holy shit Thirsty Cowboy is awesome! The place is HUGE and has a couple bars… Then there’s an entire section dedicated to line dancing, which I didn’t try Saturday but plan on trying pretty soon! They have line dancing classes on Wednesdays and I think I’m gonna do it! They also have a mechanical bull!

I told Frank I wanna go there every night!

D.A.C. only played for about an hour, which was a little disappointing but, again, he’s older than dirt! He certainly didn’t slow down the entire hour! Here’s some of the Rebel Meets Rebel stuff I mentioned last week, sans Pantera of course…

… And dammit, I was buying beers when he started playing You Never Even Call Me by My Name, so I caught the tail end of it and some other great stuff… Check it out!

Oh… and some of the other patrons cracked me up! I cannot believe this dude’s jeans were so tight!

Dude's on the right!

Dude’s on the right!

Yes… I photographed a guy’s ass, but damn it just ain’t right to wear jeans that tight! It’s gonna be tough for me to fit in at Thirsty Cowboy, because I’m also lacking cowboy boots with fucking spurs!

Again... dude's on the right!

Again… dude’s on the right!

I don’t really anticipate fitting in… so I’ll just stand out!

OH! And that mechanical bull I mentioned? I pussed out, but Frank took a stab at it!

… next time, Frank’s gonna try it before drinkin’! I’m gonna give it a shot, also!

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