Hi-fi Friday! NASCAR Edition!

Expect a lot of NASCAR material this weekend, as the 55th Daytona 500 is Sunday afternoon! I’m pretty fired up about it, too!

Now… it’s no secret that stock car racing’s roots are in the South, specifically Daytona Beach where race car drivers went to break land speed records starting in the ’20s.

During prohibition, drivers would spend their down time transporting illegal whiskey in cars they modified in an effort to outrun the cops. These weren’t rednecks, people… they were entrepreneurs and innovators!

After prohibition, when the drivers’ income started to dry up, they turned to runnin’ moonshine around the South to keep the money flowin’. This was in the mid to late ’30s. None of these men were NASCAR drivers as NASCAR hadn’t been founded yet.

Throughout the late ’30s and ’40s, a lot of these men turned to professional racing to earn an honest income. They found that honest income with the formation of NASCAR in 1948.

It pisses me off when people inaccurately label NASCAR drivers as a bunch of hillbillies or rednecks. Since 1948, the drivers of NASCAR have been the best and brightest in the industry!

Alas… the sport will continue to be tied to the South… and country music! Like I said last week, I’ve been listenin’ to a lot of country music lately and when I heard the following tune, not only did it remind me of myself but I thought, “I could see NASCAR using this song at some point…”

~ The Only Way I Know ~

I understand that’s Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Eric Church. I particularly like the pyro in the video… It’s like KISS, but with less makeup & 7″ heels and more pickup trucks and whiskey! Anyway, when I watched Daytona 500 qualifying last Sunday, they opened with this tune!

The people who continue to attempt to paint the entire sport as “southern” are uninformed douchebags!

NASCAR now has drivers who come from all corners of this country… and there’s even a Colombian dude and a Sports Illustrated model nowadays!

Let’s not pigeonhole the drivers, people, as hillbillies and rednecks. Every year, when the Cup Series goes to Bristol, TN, the drivers get to select music for their introductions… and that shit’s all over the board; definitely not dominated by country!

Australian born driver, Marcos Ambrose, likes him some Metallica…

~ Fuel ~

Waste of oxygen driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., likes Pantera… This is quite shocking to me because he’s such a whiny bitch…

~ Walk ~

Kevin Harvick, sponsored by Budweiser, likes this stuff by Chris Young…

~ Save Water Drink Beer ~

And go figure… Jeff Gordon goes with Queen…

~ Flash (From Flash Gordon) ~

The most shocking driver’s musical preference is that of 54 year old Mark Martin…

Mark Martin

… Who is a huge hip hop fan! I follow him on twitter and he’s always tweeting about listening to hip hop shit while he’s workin’ out at the gym…

One of his favorites? Eminem!

~ We Made You ~

…. So let’s not make it like these dudes are all about country! Regardless of where they’re from, they’re fierce competitors!

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