Sexy Saturday ~ NASCAR Edition!

The NASCAR theme continues here at For Shiggles with the Daytona 500 only 24 hours away!

To dispel the myth that NASCAR is comprised of individuals who are regularly featured at, let’s take a look at some of the wives and girlfriends of the drivers, shall we?

Let’s start with the most notorious publicized, Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s girlfriend, fellow driver and pole sitter for tomorrow’s race, Danica Patrick!

Racing celebrity, Danica Patrick poses along a Florida beach for the Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit 2008 issue.

Danica has spent more time in front of a camera than she has on the lead lap!

Danica all wet

Who wants to bet she’s involved in a wreck tomorrow within the first 5 laps?

Jeff Gordon has a knack for scoring serious tail! Here he is pictured with his first wife, Brooke…

Brooke Gordon

And after Brooke divorced him for being too short, he moved on to the taller, model-y-er Ingrid Vandebosch…

Ingrid & Jeff

Alright… how about something a bit more sexy, Ingrid, and with less Jeff…

That’s more like it!!

Now Kyle Busch is a fantastic race car driver, but a huge dork! He does pretty well in the girly department…

Kyle Busch Samantha Sarcinella

That’s Kyle and his wife Samantha… Check out how nicely she cleans up!

Hoo boy!

Here’s Denny Hamlin and his girlfriend, Jordan Fish..

Denny Hamlin Jordan Fish

Jordan is a former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader, so…

… she’s pretty hot too!

Carl Edwards is married to Dr. Kate Downey…

Carl Edwards Kate Downey

Yes, Kate’s a doctor. And a hot doctor at that! So he prolly doesn’t miss his ex-girlfriend, Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard…

I saved the best for last here, folks! AJ Allmendinger used to be a NASCAR driver, but he got busted for failing a drug test last year. Turns out it was Adderall, and he went through the drug program to get reinstated and WAS reinstated, but I don’t believe he’s racing in NASCAR this year… here’s a shot of him and his wife, Lynne Kushnirenko..

AJ Allmendinger and Lynne Kushnirenko

And here’s more Lynne….


Well I got nothin’ for the ladies… actually… here’s Jeff Gordon at the beach…

Jeff Gordon Beach

… There ya go for all you Hobbit fans!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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