Sexy Saturday is Going Vertical!


Anyone who knows anything about politics knows that Democrats have their crazy socialist needs, while Republicans have sound, pro-business ideas they want to implement.

One of the hats the President wears is one that requires him to get “both sides of the aisle” to work together to take care of this country. Well, when the President is an irrational douchebag, bad things happen.

Apparently, because of Obama’s lack of ability to unite, automatic government spending cuts have started. And one of those cuts appears to be the United States Navy’s flight demonstration team, the Blue Angels..

This pains me because I’ve always been a very patriotic American, a fan of the Blue Angels and our military in general. Hell, when I was 18, I was this close to getting into the Air Force… I’d passed the written & physical tests but opted not to sign because I had a hot red headed girlfriend with big boobs and chose her over serving my country. Ultimately, however, she cheated on me and I scrapped the idea of going to the military altogether… Not a day goes by that I don’t kick myself in the ass for making the wrong decision…

So why the hell is this the topic of Sexy Saturday?

Because the hardware that the Navy uses is incredibly sexy and turns me on…

Blue Angels Carrier

… I remember going to the Cleveland Air Show when I was younger and the Navy used the old A-4 Skyhawks for the Blue Angels…

A4 Blue Angels

… Those were pretty cool aircraft when you’re 10 years old, but when they switched to the F-18 Hornet…. shit got real!

Blue Angels F18

… The F18 is head and shoulders above the little, slower A4! It’s performance is just fantastic…

Blue Angels F18 Takeoff

THIS is sexy… to me at least!


… And so is this…

Blue Angels delta formation

… and holy crap. THIS!

Blue Angels air show

God….DAMN… did I miss my calling! I would’ve been a fantastic fighter pilot! Of course I’m a great software salesman, but flying fighter jets is just a little bit cooler! I watch the following video and cry like a baby, because I never chased my dreams the way I should’ve…

~ Dreams… Van Halen ~

Anyway…. that’s what’s sexy to me today. As much as I like the female ass, the F18 is way sexier today…. Sorry!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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