This afternoon, the Sprint Cup Series is racing in Phoenix, Arizona…

Phoenix International Raceway

… and Phoenix is soooo much different than last weeks race at Daytona..


Last week featured high speed, high banked racing on a 2 1/2 mile track, while this week is a bit slower, almost flat track racing on a 1 mile track.

The single file racing from Daytona is gone this week and the early results show that. Danica Patrick Ricky Stenhouse Jr.’s girlfriend has struggled in practice and qualifying thus far at Phoenix. Her practice sessions haven’t produced speeds better than 30th position and she qualified 40th.

The only reason that I’m picking on Danica is because she’s apparently the new face of NASCAR… Hell, I turned practice on yesterday and all they were talkin’ about was Danica and showin’ her car for like 10 minutes. C’mon guys… there are 42 other drivers out there!

So why is Phoenix tough for Danica to handle? ‘Cause it’s real racin’, that’s why! NASCAR designed this current race car to be more competitive on the shorter tracks that they frequent… The HUGE tracks at Daytona and Talladega account for only 4 of the 36 races this year… The rest of ’em are 1.5 mile cookie cutter tracks and smaller… Yeah… Indianapolis is big and the couple road courses, in NY and CA are big tracks, but you get my drift!

Let’s see how Danica does right now in Phoenix, shall we?

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