Danica Said She Wasn’t That Tight Sunday ~ The Immature Giggled Uncontrollably!

Danica Tight

Oh yes! I count myself as one of those immature NASCAR fans!

See, Danica, you sort of need to work on your post race/crash interviews and use the proper verbiage so those of us whose mentality can devolve to that of a 13 year old boy throughout the course of a race have nothing to pick on you for!

I actually felt bad for Danica Sunday at Phoenix. She never really ran well after struggling in practice and qualifying, but on lap 184, her right front tire blew causing the car to hit the wall hard, bouncing off of it and taking out David Ragan in the process…

Danica Phoenix Crash

… And then she said in the post crash interview, “I wasn’t that tight either….” I knew exactly what she was talking about but I giggled nonetheless!

Danica, you have to say THE CAR wasn’t that tight, dear! Thank God you didn’t merely describe yourself as loose!

~ NASCAR Lingo Time ~

“Tight” is a condition in which, as much as a driver tries to turn, the car doesn’t want to. The opposite of “tight” is, in fact, “loose” and means the car turns fine, too much actually, and feels like the ass end is gonna come around into a spin…

What happened to Danica Sunday happens to a lot of rookie drivers (and veterans, too, who have ill handling cars)… She wasn’t comfortable with the way her car was handling, so she pushed it on the straightaways and punished the brakes in the corners. This type of driving causes the brakes to get extremely hot and, ultimately, melt the tire right off the rim. That’s what happened to Danica, and coincidentally, her teammate Ryan Newman. Who knows, maybe Danica’s car had the same setup under it as Newman.

Anyway… the crash relegated Danica to a 39th (of 43) place finish. Not too good after her “historical” 8th place finish at Daytona just a week before.

Oh and guess what? I switched drivers this year, dumping Carl Edwards to follow Brad Keselowski in the Miller Lite Ford. So of course, Edwards won the race in dominating fashion after leading 122 laps…

Edwards Phoenix Win

… and that’s his post race back flip! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Edwards… I’ve just moved on to a more exciting race car driver in Brad!

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