My Take on the Striking Strongsville Teachers ~ And the Union that Controls Them…

Bitchy Strikers

Major League Baseball strikes… Players (union) and team owners argue over people’s entertainment money. The season is disrupted…

National Hockey League strikes… Players (union) and team owners argue over people’s entertainment money. The season is disrupted.

National Football League strikes… Players (union) and team owners argue over people’s entertainment money. The season is painfully disrupted.

Strongsville, OH teachers strike… Teachers (union) and the school board argue over taxpayer money. Our children’s education is painfully disrupted.

I don’t wanna hear shit from anyone about athletes being divas and demanding more money after making millions. First of all, athletes don’t get any sort of contract from any team unless they perform at their highest level, unless they’re like Colt McCoy or Braylon Edwards…

Secondly, the money being fought over by professional athletes and the teams they represent is a pool created by people spending it to watch the respective sports. We spend a lot of money to watch sports, whether it be at a live event or by watching it on television. Lots of money to go around there!

A quick thought on labor unions. Decades ago, unions were absolutely necessary to protect workers from hazardous workplace conditions and make sure wages were fair…


Unions are dirtbag political organizations that milk their sheep members for millions of dollars so their leaders can make huge salaries! The heads of the two biggest teachers unions, Randi Weingarten (American Federation of Teachers) and Dennis Van Roekel (National Education Association) make around $500,000 apiece per year…

So what about the situation in Strongsville? Like I said, the teachers’ union is arguing with the school board about TAXPAYER money, not peoples’ expendable entertainment money… It’s a limited pool of cash to go around to placate these union members making annual salaries ranging from $35,000 (rookies) to $101,000 (veterans). Their median income is $68,000…

What are these “teachers” fighting for?

  • MAXIMUM working days at 184 (that’s a pay range of $21 to $56 per hour). Normal workers like myself work like 255 days a year!
  • MAXIMUM share of health insurance cost at 15%. Taxpayers pay the other 85%.
  • CAP their monthly health insurance premiums at $200 for a family. Taxpayers pay the rest.
  • MAXIMUM share of dental insurance cost at 0%. Taxpayers pay the other 100%.
  • MAXIMUM regular pay increases based on tenure, not performance. They want the pay freezes that were instituted in 2011 to essentially be erased now.

How many of the above bullet points had anything to do with students? Yep… None of ’em did… These union teachers walked off the job in Strongsville; turned their backs on their students. Hell, a couple of ’em have been arrested the last couple days because of their violent behavior.

Why should we call the teachers who stepped up and chose to provide an education to the children of Strongsville “scabs”? “Scabs” is a term that is pushed by unions to make their non-union counterparts seem less effective; less educated.

Y’all don’t have to be a member of a union to be educated… I consider myself to possess above average intelligence and have never worked for a union in which dues were collected from me that paid for union bosses’ salaries or political action committees…

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of job seekers these days; many of them qualified teachers.

As qualified as these teachers may be, however, the children are distracted. Lots of ’em are being kept home by their liberal parents while the smart parents are making their children go, only to witness their picketing teachers block buses and cars from getting onto school properties… Unbelievable!

Strongsville wants to put a $3.5 million levy on the ballot this fall, so they can continue to afford these union lunatics.

Now ya know why Ohio Governor John Kasich pushed for Senate Bill 5 a couple years ago, which would’ve prevented these public employees from striking… When states and localities are broke, something needs to be done about the power that unions have…

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