Sexy Saturday! Splish Splash I was takin’ a Bath…

I’ve heard on several occasions how fun shower sex is. A good way to multitask, perhaps? I tend to agree, though shower sex would prolly be much more fun with someone in there with me!

Now I’m not so sure about bathtub sex. It doesn’t seem to promote good hygiene, ya know, splashing around in a bunch of, well, suds!

The bathtub is a good environment, however, to utilize strategically placed bubbles in a seductive manner! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Bubble Bath Redhead

This is a good start! I like me some redhead…

Redhead Blowing Bubbles

… Oooh you’re gonna blow those bubbles at me? Keep going!

Bubble Bath Fail

Ahhhhh! Then ya stand up and appear to be wearing a diaper! This is a bathtime fun fail! Too much bubbles girl! Let’s see how the professionals do it… Here’s Bree Olson..

Bree Olson Bath

Bree knows how to use just enough bubbles! Here she is applying them…

Bree Olson Bubbles

Like I said, a pro… literally!

Here’s another bathtime fun fail…

Rihanna Bath Sad

No bubbles, just unfortunately cloudy water. No smile… See what dating Chris Brown does to a girl…

Rihanna Bath Ass

The damn water is too cloudy to see her ass… and what the fuck happened to her hair? Holy shit, she needs more than a bath!

Here’s the proper way to present the ass in the tub, Rihanna…

Bubble bath Ass

Puh POW!

Even Mariah Carey fails at bubble bath etiquette…

Mariah Carey Bath

Ya don’t bring the fuckin’ dog into the bath! That’s just gross…

Oh well… that’s about it for now… I gotta go take a quick shower anyway… So here’s a quick submission for the ladies and men who like men…

Adam Pally

That’s Adam Pally, aka Max, of Happy Endings fame!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

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