Sexy Saturday Goes Hi-fi!

I’ve been slacking a bit lately…. missed Sexy Saturday last week because I was spending time with some of my favorite women! I missed Hi-fi Friday yesterday because, again, I was spending time with one of my favorite women!

When I was a little boy I told my Mom that, one day, I want to be surrounded by beautiful women… I have achieved that with my three beautiful daughters, my beautiful Diane in PA and her three beautiful daughters! Don’t get me wrong… each and every one of them drive me crazy at times, but they all bring out the best in me!

Now let’s move on to some women who drive me crazy as well; but in a different way, because they won’t answer my emails in which I ask them out! Welcome to a combination of sorts… a Hi-fi Sexy Saturday…

Here’s Shania Twain!

Shania Twain

Shania was one of the first female country artists that caught my eye…

Shania Twain

… I’m not sure why, however.. Must be those socks!

Anyway, here’s one of her big hits from 1997… one that I couldn’t exactly sing out loud while runnin’ around the auto parts store I worked at…

~ Man! I Feel Like A Woman ~

As the video progresses, she removes layers of clothing. It’s mesmerizing!

I never really got into American Idol… until its fourth season when this girl named Carrie Underwood started lightin’ shit up!

Carrie Underwood Pink

I was hooked and watched the show through it’s finale, that Carrie won! Pretty in pink, eh?

She also does the bikini thing well….

Mmmmmmmm…. Well, shortly after I took that picture, she started dating the chokey, whiney, pussy QB of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys

I imagine that’s right around the time she stopped enjoying meat became a vegan!

Carrie ended up marrying some hockey player…

She is a hell of a live performer, however. In this next video, she’s onstage with the legendary Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and holds up just fine…

~ Undo It & Walk This Way ~

… though Steven doesn’t seem to do to well. I think he wants to do it with her right on stage… Who wouldn’t? Did you SEE her legs?

Here’s another look from a different performance:

Carrie Underwood


Y’all gotta remember that I’m sort of new to this country music thang… So I really didn’t know who Miranda Lambert is until I saw her in the beginning of Blake Shelton’s God Gave Me You.. She’s definitely worth checking out!

Miranda Lambert Boobs

I was also exposed to Miranda in one of her recent singles, the video featuring NASCAR’s Danica Patrick…

~ Fastest Girl In Town ~ 

Every time I watch that video I hope that it’ll change and Miranda and Danica will start making out! They never do; not even a friendly boob squeeze! Oh yeah, Danica might be the fastest girl in town, but put her on the track with 42 boys and they run circles around her. Literally.

Speaking of NASCAR and women, all we ever hear about is Danica Patrick. Did you guys know that there’s a woman who’s on a pit crew in the truck series? Her name’s Christmas Abbott and she’s a front tire changer. That’s right… at 5′ 3″ and 115 pounds, Christmas is ripping 60 pound tires off a racetruck!

And here she is!

Christmas Abbott Naked

She’s sort of fit…

CHRISTMAS ABBOTT in Inked Magazine

Am I right?

Christmas Abbott Ass

You could bounce lug nuts off that ass! Ha ha! Loogit the other crew members checkin’ her out…

Check out this video…

She’s quite impressive and I hope she moves up to the more popular series!

A little too chiseled for me, however, so I’ll have to pass, Christmas. Sorry!

Let’s move on to someone a little softer, shall we? Like Jessie James…

Jessie James

Honestly, I didn’t know who she was until this morning; but I’m glad I’ve discovered her!

Jessie James Flower

I like how she sort of uses the concept from Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher in this one..

~ My Cowboy ~

Hoo boy! Giddyup, Giddyup, GO is right!

Alright… last one here… This girl guy I work with, Dustin, recommended that I look up Jana Kramer a few months back. She He said she’d definitely be worthy of Sexy Saturday, and boy was she he right!

Jana Kramer Wow

Good call Dustin!

Jana Kramer Lingerie

I like her style in this one… She’s just so damn happy and bouncy!

~ What I Love About Your Love ~

I must be going, but before I do, here’s one for the ladies and men who like men Dustin. Aaron Lewis!

Aaron Lewis

~ Forever ~

Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

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