Ricky or Danica ~ Who’s on Top?

Every time ya turn on a NASCAR broadcast, the opening shot is usually one of Danica, her car or both.

Every article printed HAS to mention that she won the pole for the Daytona 500 (FIRST FOR A WOMAN!) and finished 8th (BEST FINISH FOR A WOMAN not named Jimmie Johnson!)… What the media fails to mention is that the racing at the Daytona 500 was terrible! Don’t get me wrong, the 500 was safe… and that’s what NASCAR intended, but there was very little actual racing. Drivers admitted they didn’t really try to pass for fear of losing their position. Even dear Danica said that!

There are only two drivers competing for Rookie of the Year honors this year. Danica…

Danica in My Car

… and the guy who is normally referred to as “Danica’s boyfriend,” Ricky Stenhouse Jr…

Ricky Stenhouse Champion

I think the media needs to start saying it right… It’s Ricky and his girlfriend Danica.

See those rings in that picture? They are NASCAR Nationwide Series championship rings! At 25 years old, Ricky has run two full Nationwide seasons, in ’11 and ’12, and won 8 of 67 (12% wins) races in that time. He completed 98.6% of 12,435 laps and led 10.7% of those laps! He won the championship BOTH of those seasons!

To put things into perspective, Ricky’s 31 year old girlfriend won 1 of 115 (.8%) go kart IndyCar races from ’05 to ’11. She only became popular because she had has a nice ass and a bad attitude…

Danica’s first full year in NASCAR’s Nationwide series was last year, in which she won 0 of 33 races (0.00% wins). She completed 90.9% of 6038 laps and led .6% of those laps.

All of that is in the past now because’ like I said, Ricky and Danica are now competing in the top level of NASCAR, the Sprint Cup Series, for Rookie of the Year! So how are they doin’?

They’re both struggling a bit, but Ricky’s doing much better. He’s completed 100% of the laps this year with finishes of 12th, 16th, 18th and 16th at Daytona, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Bristol respectively. His average start this year has been 18.8 and average finish 15.5! He’s 11th in championship points.

Danica’s completed 88.9% of the laps this year with finishes of 8th, 39th, 33rd and 28th at Daytona, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Bristol respectively. Her average start this year has been 29.8 and average finish 27. She’s 28th in championship points.

A little while ago, Alexis’ friend asked me why I don’t like Danica… I made it clear that I don’t dislike Danica! Hell, she’s one of 43 drivers in the world that do what they do every week! She’s just one of the shittier drivers!

I know that she’s increased ratings for NASCAR. A nice piece of ass does that…

Danica Ass

…but NASCAR fans are smart, and that nice piece of ass will only continue to be favored for so long. Eventually we want to see a winner or, at the very least, a consistent finisher…

And right now, Danica is neither…

Right now, in southern California, Ricky is on the lead lap in 15th, while Danica is one lap down in 28th…


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