Hi-fi Friday… Check this Kid Out!

Avery Molek

I still “Like” Van Halen’s page on Facebook, only because I forgot to unlike it when the band imploded again last year… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Van Halen is dead to me.”

Last week, however, Van Halen updated there status with a link to a 6 year old boy playing one of their great tunes… Hot For Teacher… This:


His name is Avery Molek and he is absolutely amazing! Immediately I thought, “Oh, figure out and perfect one song so it goes viral on YouTube and the kid’s a one hit wonder..”

Nope.. He has 70 videos on his YouTube page.. and he’s pretty diverse…

Here’s some Motley Crue… Shout At The Devil…


And he covers Metallica… Through The Never…


But he’s clearly a KISS fan… because he gets in full costume and makeup to play KISS… Hell Or Hallelujah…


And he does a hell of a cover of one of my favorite KISS drum solos ever… The late Eric Carr’s ‘Carr Jam ’81’.


Freakin’. Awesome!

Like Avery’s Facebook page HERE and check out his website HERE

This kid’s gonna be huge someday!

Enjoy your weekend folks!

2 responses to “Hi-fi Friday… Check this Kid Out!

  1. I wish i could addopt this genius.. hes the mozart of drums

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