Some Thoughts About Today’s Race!

Tony Stewart Tubby

I was just watching a bit of the NASCAR pre-race show from Martinsville, VA. Of course they were talking about the crash at the end of the California race a couple weeks ago between Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano…

… Logano had the lead with 2 to go and Hamlin tried to turn him sideways, but Logano saved it… Coming to the finish, Hamlin had a slight lead, and Logano ran into the side of him. After half a lap of banging into the sides of each other, Hamlin got a bit sideways. Instead of trying to save his car and take a second place finish, Hamlin turned down into Logano’s rear right. This caused Logano to hit the outside wall and Logano to hit the inside wall HARD.

This crash was entirely Denny Hamlin’s fault. It also took him out of the car for up to 6 weeks with a back injury.

The other controversy was fat ass Tony Stewart whining after the race because Logano blocked him after a restart. Blocking happens all the time in racing, Tony! Hell, earlier in that same race you were blocking on the low side, just as Logano did you..

This is how much respect Tony Stewart has for Joey Logano…

Joey Logano is only 23 years old and, yes, he is a bit aggressive… but it’s racin’ y’all… you’re supposed to be aggressive!

He deserves a little respect, as hes won 2 Cup races and 18 Nationwide races since 2008. He’s won 7.6% of the races he’s participated in.

Tony Stewart just gushes about a driver who works for him in the Cup Series, Danica Patrick.

She just spun out on lap 17, by the way!

Tony believes Danica, at 31 years old, is a very talented driver who deserves respect.

Just to put things into perspective, Danica has won 0 of 15 Cup races and 0 of 59 Nationwide races… I didn’t even have to use a calculator to figure out her win percentage in stock cars. It’s 0.00%

But she has won a couple Sports Illustrated photo shoots!




Danica all wet

Look for Tony Stewart to get up behind Logano today and wreck him.. That’s the only way he can do it, since Joey’s in 16th and Stewart’s back in 25…


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