Public Humiliation Diet ~ Day 125 ~ A Milestone has been Reached!

Gourmet Burgers

Ah yes… the above burgers were for dinner yesterday! They’re fantastic, to say the least! The difference with me lately, is that I ate one.. instead of two, maybe 3!

I weighed in at 200 pounds this morning! That is very exciting as it has been my first official milestone!

What I’ve done thus far is just eat less. My next milestone is 180 pounds and won’t be achieved by just eating less…

Time to dust off the treadmill fatty!

Once I get to 180 pounds on diet and cardio… It’s time to hit the gym and work to add 15-20 pounds of muscle. This will be extremely difficult and more than likely will require HGH!

That said… once that goal is achieved I’ll be similar in shape to an NFL defensive back…


Only lighter skinned and with less tattoos…


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