NEW VIDEO ALERT ~ Not the Shower Scene I Expected….

Skylar Grey WOW

Hoo boy I love me some Skylar Grey! Back in April, I posted the lyrics to her re-released song, Final Warning

A couple weeks ago she released the video for it… It’s pretty awesome. And a bit dark. BUT SHE’S IN THE SHOWER AT ONE POINT! Check it out!

~ Final Warning ~


While you’re here, you should check out one of her lighter tunes….

~ C’mon Let Me Ride ~

Damn is she sexy funny hot talented!

Eminem says: 

Flip backwards while I flip this bike on its banana seat…
My fantasy’s to have you land where the kick stand is…

I concur!

Anyway her new album, Don’t Look Down, is set to be released 7/9/2013… I recommend you buy it, download it… whatever!

I believe the following picture is the album cover… Click it to embiggen it!


Mmmmmmm! This is the first time I’ve ever been attracted to a woman wielding a bloody ax!

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