Softball Update!

Homie got in trouble with the law a couple weeks ago and hasn’t been allowed to drive. Because of that, I’ve missed a bunch of my daughters’ softball games.

It really sucks!

Tonight, however, my ex wife picked me up and I was able to watch Alexis’ doubleheader.. It was two makeup games because of all the rain we’ve had!

In the first game, Alexis’ “Mets” team took care of the first place “Orioles.”

That’s noteworthy because the Orioles coach is kinda crazy! Dude had his girls’ parents pay extra for really cool uniforms…

The second game was Mets vs. Indians and it was close the entire game. Went into an extra inning actually…

I recorded a couple of Alexis’ at bats, though, so check it out…

Then a bit later she did this…

I guess I shoulda recorded Alexis’ defense in the extra inning… She threw two girls out at third, from short stop, and grabbed a line drive to end the game!

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